Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the Night before Christmas..............

So we got together with DH's family to have a nice dinner and do a gift exchange between all the cousins. Since Christmas gets a little crazy it was nice for them to open a gift (this year we decided to exchange books) before the presents start flowing in.

Grandma got a puppy that night and the kids were just in Awe! I mean look at how cute he is?? Who wouldn't want a puppy???

J kept asking for a puppy the rest of the night, I told him he is getting a baby brother. It's better than a puppy. I mean, Look!! You can put them in cages just like the puppies and they are cute and cuddly as well!

Lest you run out and call Child protective services, J wasn't really putting him into a cage, Baby "B" was already crawling into the cage, all the kids were as a matter of fact, it just looks like he's guilty with his hands on his legs.

Hope you all had a great Christmas Eve and Day!

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