Monday, July 28, 2008

Cousins Camp

We are so lucky to have great granparents that love our kids and will get them all together and have a Cousins Camp for them. My mom had a friend that used to do it for her grandkids and she has decided to now do it for hers. First day of cousins camp was a humanitarian project and the kids stuff bears and bunnies for children that will get there first "stuffed" animal. They did it like Build a bear does and put hearts in their, and their names with the dates, so if they were ever opened, someone would see who did it.

The following days were fun in the sun and I didn't get pictures of that on my camera, but it was alot of FUN! J asks almost daily when he can go back to his cousins house and play Pokemon. We had so much fun! THANKS GRANDMA & GRANDPA B.

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