Friday, July 25, 2008

You ain't nothin' but a Hound Dog!

So the time had come, it was now time for J to perfrom his much practiced and anticipated Elvis Presley song, "Hound Dog" at his dance recital. Yes I have my boy in dance. It's tap and no, he's not going to be gay when he grows up, well, I guess we won't know til he's older, but for now, it's for learning technique and some of the greatest tap dancers afterall, were males, so he'll be just fine.
So it's time for us to drop him off to his designated area. He had fallen asleep since it was at 5:45 in the evening and the car ride, made him go out for the count. I thought it was a last cause. He was upset, cranky, and didn't want his tap shoes on. Thank Goodness Auntie Krista showed up! He loves his Auntie.
Well, and the candy brib didn't hurt either. LOL

So he didn't end up going on until after 7 and so he had warmed up and was ready to shine! He was a RIOT! I wish I would've gotten some better pictures. I couldn't keep my hand still enough to get a shot and so here's my try at it, you get the picture, he hit everything right on and screamed his little heart out!

Yes, mine's the dude with all the ladies. That's O.K. He LOVES his ladies. He's always been a ladies man.

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Nutty Mom said...

This is just TOO cute! He's precious.

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