Monday, October 27, 2008

It's a.................well, we don't know for sure

We went to the hospital today to check a more thorough check and see if my cervix is closed and check the baby's stats. After all the routine checking and everything she tells me........"I think it's a girl." My response, " Yeah, that is what I have thought all along." And takes this picture. Though she doesn't like it because the cord is in the way and she couldn't not get the cord in shot.

I turn to Jackson and said, well, it looks like your going to have a sister.

His response, " Nope, I'm going to have a brother." and turns back to his movie. LOL

Not two minutes later she says, well wait a minute. I knew I thought something was over there. and then procedes to say, Yep! It's a boy. She calls in the other tech and she says, it looks like something is there. For about twenty minutes she looks and looks, let's me go to the bathroom and comes back and says, Yep it's a boy. So I tell her then I need a boy pic. If I'm having a boy, you took a girl shot, and I need a boy one, so she snaps this one.

We left the hospital and I was all sorts of confused. I was starting to think boy and go with it, and after sharing pictures with a few people, I concluded that it was a boy. Tho, I'm still not convinced. I will be going in for another check with my Dr.

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Nutty Mom said...

HAHAH this SO happened with wingnut. I had a friend who did a sono at 18 weeks and was 90% sure it was a girl. We were totally fine with that, I mean I already had 2 girls worth of clothes. So when we went to my real Dr's appointment at my 20 weeks, we were shocked to find out it was a boy.

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