Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Great Thinking.

So after J came home from school today, I was making him something to eat. I set Mr. B in his bouncy chair to accomplish this. There is a piece to the bouncy chair that acts as a head rest. On this day, at this time, it was MIA. Bennett's head was not staying in place. J thought quick and ran into my room and came back with these. They go to the thinga ma bomb in his bassinet that helps to keep him in place while he sleeps. I thought it was pretty funny and had to get a shot.

B's thinking what did you do to me brother?? He didn't like them very much, so I just took the opportunity to take some pictures of them together.

J can only be serious for a certain amount of time and then he has to be his silly self. I said, "Fine, I guess I'll just take pictures of Bennett then. You don't get to be in them."
Well, I tried. Little stinker got his tongue in the top of this one and Bennett just has that look on his face. So I gave up and put the camera down.

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