Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Uncanny Truth about Motherhood- Part Un (that’s the number one in French for those that never took French class, or didn’t pay attention)

Pregnancy Tests
You’ve just peed on that stick, or peed in the cup. As you wait and wait and wait for that plus sign to come through, or pink/purple stripe or whatever. The seconds now seem to feel like minutes. You wait and wait and imagine, “it’s that pink?? I think that’s “pink”. Or “I think I see the plus sign coming through;” For me, the second time around, sadly, those days were many. I should have invested in ept stock had I known how many of those bad boys I was going to go through. (BTW, tip #1, they sell those bad boys at the dollar store) NO, REALLY!! It’s true. I didn’t believe it either. I said, oh, yeah right, those can’t be REAL. There’s got to be something wrong with them. But once I was given this tad bit of info I said the famous line “How come nobody has ever told me this??" I decided to venture out and see. and sure enough, they’re there.

They aren’t as cute as the little sticks. It entails being more of a little scientist and sometimes it gets a little messy, but they do work and for a buck!! You can’t go wrong!
After two years of buying pregnancy tests, it was great to know, that I could get them for a buck and save me oodles of cash. I always said, “If” I get a positive, I will then go buy the more expensive ones just to make “sure” it's a real positive. Well, come to think of it, once that positive came through on the cheapy one, after so many negatives, I didn’t need a back-up. I knew it was true. The moment that I had been waiting for, was now surreal, This was really happening. This was really happening to me!! We were going to have a baby!!

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