Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of Kindergarten!

My sweet, my dear precious boy! I can not believe the time has come for you to start school and be away from mommy almost every day.
Today as we got into the car. You now wanted to sit in the booster seat, “Because I’m five now.” Where has the time gone?? Wow, I can’t believe you are five. You knew where you needed to walk to get to class, behind the lines where the walkers are designated and when we took your snack out and put in on the shelf you wanted the top shelf. Backpacks were to go outside and you did that all on your own. You are so brave. You are so independent. You had a hesitation to go and sit down on the squares, but your teacher came right next to you and said you could sit next to the edge. You obliged with that. After your teacher sang the Hello Friends song it was time for us to depart. Tears came in my eyes, as you have grown up sooo fast and I can’t believe it’s school time. I thought the day would never get here some days, and now I can’t believe that it’s finally here.
Some of your concerns in the car today were; what if somebody is mean? What if someone hits me and I forget to NOT him them back?? I told you that no one would be mean, that everyone wants to come to school today to make friends and everyone wants to meet new friends today. I said that you would make new friends today and you would have a fun time. You always do. You’re just like your momma. But I understand the hesitation in your voice. I know it’s something new, but you will be just fine. I just wonder, Have I taught you everything that you need to know?? Have you learned what we stand for, what we believe in? Do you know your parents love you and are always here for you?? It’s an emotional time for me. It doesn’t help that I am finally pregnant with a brother or sister for you, but it is a bitter sweet day. My sweet baby boy has grown into a big boy! You are so generous, so smart, and a ball fun of fun! I love you my little Jaxie baby!!
Love, Mommy

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