Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bloom Where you are Planted

The contest from yesterday is "still in effect ya'll". Scroll down to yesterday's post.

If you remember that I mentioned, I went to a Women's conference last weekend. This was the theme to the day. I had the privilege of listening to this wonderful girl. You can read her story on her website, but I'll give you the run down (short version) here. Briana passed out at the wheel of her car, hit the center divider on the freeway and when she came to, she no longer had the use of her legs.

Many people, given the current situation would allow their life to be down, sad, disappointing and wouldn't want to go on with life. She on the other hand, bloomed where she was planted. She has skydived, surfed, wake boarded, and more, all being confined to a wheelchair. You may recognize her as the face of She is amazing! (to say the least)

Her thoughts she shared with us. "Many times I thought, "Why keep going? You can't do it, just Quit!"

1. "The opposite of success in NOT failure, it's quiting!"

What powerful words. Words of a wise, noble girl, that keeps going on with her life, and blooming and doing more, than she has ever done. What a remarkable role model for young girls!

She also said 2. "You don't have to have something traumatic as this to change the direction of your life. After all, it is a decision, a state of mind."

And lastly, 3. Time toughs never last, but tough people do!

Just think about her words today, think about a situation in your life and try to have her attitude. I post this for me, for there are things that I want to quit. I want to give up on. But I am not a quitter. I keep moving forward, keep going on. I hope that I can bloom (def.- to reach the fullest stage or development of maturity) where I have been planted, or make the most out of the situations I have been given in this life. She was a great example of doing just that, and I am so thankful I got to meet her and have her teach me!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Because I am soooo excited!!

Because I could jump out of my seat. Why???

Because I am going to be here in August. Yes, that's right. I will be there. I will be attending Blogher conference 2010. I heart NYC. I have only been there once, but I could be there often. We took a five day trip to be on "Who wants to be a millionaire", and it was much to short. I enjoyed it the whole time.

I, like many hundreds, maybe even thousands of people, sent in my application to volunteer at the event and I actually got picked!!

I can NOT believe it. Really??? Me?? I NEVER win anything. If it's something technically that you "win".

They will pay for my admission to the events, and food, and even cocktail reception, for 2 days(Guess I'll need to find a friend there that drinks so my "coupons or tickets" don't go to waste-LOL) and all I have to do is get there. I can do that!!

I'm really excited if you can't tell. A great way to network, meet friends and people that I only "know" online, meet new friends and hear lots of fabulous information.

Soooooo with all this new exciting news in my life, I think I will have a giveaway.

I wish I could giveaway another trip, that would be fun!! Wouldn't it??

Sooooo what to do, what to give away?? Because I would love to actually visit White Castle and eat a sandwhich, because I would LOVE to visit Serendipty III again (without a screaming, hungry baby this time), because I would LOVE to have an New York Pizza

and since my life revolves around food it sounds like, I'm thinking........ a $50 Gift certificate to your favorite place to eat!

Because I'm doing really good with abstaining from bad food, and have dropped another 4 lbs,(WOO HOOO-Good bye baby fat!) I think it's a great idea. Sound good??

Shout out to me, where your favorite place to go eat is, a restaurant that I can get a gift certificate for, and you will be entered to win, that restaurants certificate.

Like Cheesecake Factory?? Macaroni Grill?? (one of my favorite go- to places) PF Chang's float your boat? Have a Date night with your S.O. on me!

Sunday night Feb 28th, (my sista's birthday) 8 p.m. PST the giveaway will close and Monday morning I will announce the winner!
Extra entries for blogging, tweeting, or facebooking about it, otherwise one entry per person, si' vous plait! (is that how you spell it??-LOL french class was a loooooong time ago.)

Have a great weekend everyone!


P.S. (Post script) After writing and posting this I realized something. I HAVE won something. Two things actually this past month.
I won over on The Nut House blog because I answered her ? correctly first. I still have not gone and picked up my prize from the PO. (Sorry Holly, I WILL, this weekend, K!)

And I also won a $50 certificate from Heather at Distressed Designs when I donated money for the Hope for Haiti cause raffle and won! Wow! All these H names. We must be cool people. haha
{I got my signs yesterday BTW, Heather, and they are GORGEOUS!! Thank you, Thank You!! (Maybe I will do a giveaway one day on here for one of her signs, they are really cute!) }
So anyways, I don't want to be a liar, I just usually never win anything, that's the norm, but I forgot about these two things that I have just recently gotten, and well the conference, so maybe my luck is changing??

P.P.S In the event that a winner lives somewhere in a smaller town, where there aren't commerical restaurants that I can get a gift card from, I will send them a $50 visa/am-ex (or something like that) gift card to buy dinner with.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Want to feel your heart fall into your toes??

I'm sitting at home reading and reading about people and their dear blogs that have and are going through so much. People like Natalie, that have so much strength and faith, that I want to be like her when I grow up. I wonder if I'll ever be that strong?? Would my faith carry me through??
For this family. For the things that they have gone through and so happy that in their lives, right now, they have a happy ending. I am so glad for them.
As I read through their blogs and get updates on their lives, my phone rings. An automated message from my son's school that they were on "lock down" as a robbery (I think) suspect was in the area and for the childrens and teachers safety the police notified them to stay put. In case our children ask questions, so we know to let them know they were safe at all times.
When you hear that, it makes your heart drop. Like this guy (or girl I suppose) could have been nearby, could have jumped into our back yard, could have.........oh the thoughts that race through my head.
The suspect was obtained and apprehended and I hope all is well. I hope and pray. Gosh and I thought our little city was soooooo safe.

Finances and “Allocation of Funds” i.e. Budget

I am amazed, no, that's not a good word, scratch that. It surprises me how many people do not control their money. Are not on a budget, or don't know how much they make a month or spend. It just boggles my mind. How can you not know??

I guess that is why so many of us Americans are in debt up to our eyeballs. If you don't know, then of course you're just spending away? Putting things on credit cards, or just buying what you please? I'm guessing here, I don't fully understand this logic/thinking.

You have got to know. Knowledge is power. If you don't even "know" what you bring in a month, start with doing that.

In my organized brain, and as a SAHM (stay at home mom), this is part of my organization and "cleaning" that I do. It's part of my tasks that I am required to do, and so for me, there has to be a system. Remember when I talked about this post? I got to this point by tracking our income and expenses and knowing what is due when. Are you still with me??

For a month track your income. If you are in sales, and have a changing income, as we do, guesstimate. Take the average or low ball it so you have extra money to allocate. I use the word allocate instead of budget. Budget gives me restrictions and I've never been one to like restrictions. If I say allocate. It gives me the control. I am in charge of MY money and not the other way around. That is the key point. Once you are in charge of your money and it no longer is in charge of you, I believe you are on the your way to success or financial freedom.

Two people that I enjoy listening to are; Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman. I like what they have to say. About certain things. Some things I don't agree with whole heartedly, but for the most part, I like the principles that they teach. Check them out! They are great resources. I always take as much info as I can, then spit out what I don't like. I'm cool like that. Or in my son's words now, "That's how I roll!"

If you know what you make, allocate your funds, and are debt-free! Good for you, and we will see you another day! Or you can stick around and read still and tell me what you know! I LOVE new information, or better ideas. BUT with sooooo many people with debt (yes,we are one of them as well), it might help to read some info and you might just learn something.

Once you know your income, or at the same time you're tracking your income, track your expenses. This is a sample of the spreadsheet I use. If it is too complicated for your life/income/expenses. Simplify it. Take out what you don't use. I am very thorough so that I over allocate instead of under. (I am a numbers geek too and this stuff just thrills me. I LOVE allocating! Almost more than I like food, or shopping. It gives me great pleasure!)

Wages/Salaries (after taxes)
Other Income
Total Income

Insurance (home)

Utilities (use one space,if you don't have alot, or break it down, like I do)

Cell Phone



Gifts –Birthdays (think Christmas)
Debt payments
Kid’s activities
Hubby’s $
My money
Savings (long term)
Savings (short term. Ie special trips, luxury item)
Retirement account


So once you know how much "extra" you have. Then you know where you can start to pay off your debts, or put into savings. If you are barely making it buy and you only have enough for your "needs" then it's really easy to allocate money. "Wants", don't really exist. Nor does any extra special savings plan. Until you are aware of where your money goes, it's hard to know where to cut back. If you only have enough for wants, don't get discouraged, I'll help you out here. Come back for more and we'll go through it.

For today, I will stick with this first, since for some, this could be ALOT of information and I don't want to overload anyone. I want to help you. Or inform you. I'll then come back to this and tell you what you can do with this information once you know what your making and spending. Happy Tracking!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm a builder!

He says. I build things. That's what I do. I have to mom. It's my "job".

And he wants me to leave his room like this.

He's taken almost all the pillows from my room and into his, taken his trundle bed out and it's a wreck! (At least in my head. Maybe I'm the wreck?? That's probably not far off) I guess in his, he's using his brain and creativity. Maybe he'll be a structural engineer someday. Or he'll be a builder. Just like Bob. Just like my dad. And my grand(dad). I guess it's in his blood.
Build away little guy, build away.
(But only for a day, then it needs to be put away so I can sleep at night. Cool?)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Have a great weekend?

I did! It was really nice, fun, uplifting and just relaxing. I needed this weekend. I think it was made for me.

I made these cookies for my booth on Saturday. I think they turned out cute. It was all in my head of random ideas and so I was pleased.

Not to mention, they were pretty darn tasty! ( I did have to sample to make sure I wasn't handing out yuck, but, I still lost a pound so... WoooHoo!!) I'm staying away from sugar right now, if you aren't aware, so I can get my body back.
I got to attend a women's conference on Saturday and WOW! Can I just say WOW! That will get it's own post later, but just wanted to say that I hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a party at Chuck E Cheese to attend on Friday, that was really fun!

It was Boo's Boo's first experience (while mobile), to be a part of the festivities and he had fun! Can you tell?

Will post details and more pics later.

There was no school thus week so far, so I have been running around and having fun with the kids and I haven't been online. I'm sorry. I miss you! I feel like a part of me is missing when I don't "see" my internet pals.

Did you have a good weekend?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Proud Mommy

I’m so proud of my little guy. He makes me smile. (most of the time) I feel.... kind of, sort of, like I did something when he brings these reports home.
I mean, besides give him my genes, it’s his work, but I just like the feeling. We’ve made an agreement, on his request, that every spelling test he gets a 100% on, he gets a dollar. We started this when school first started and I didn't really know what kind of a speller he was. I thought, that's not bad, I can do that a couple of times a month. He’s been doing really well, taking my dollar almost every week, so now that I am broke, I think it’s time we “change our terms” or move onto the comprehension or application part.
That’s the “other” side to the spelling test. I don’t think he realizes it’s the same words that he has to put in sentences. As he is not getting 100’s on the other side. I just told him this the other week and so maybe he’ll do a little better.

The other day he wanted to watch Zak & Cody “The Suite Life” and I really didn’t want to hear that show playing, it just drives me batty. I don’t know why, usually kid shows don’t bug me, but that one does for some reason. I wanted to go lay down for a bit and he was willing to give me his dollar that he had earned today so we made a “deal”. We play the deal or no deal game when one of us wants something from the other, that the other person doesn't really want to do. I don’t know where it came about or how, but it’s become fun for us and so we have continued it. I’m sure he was the one that started it with all his negotiating skills that he uses and I don’t think he’s even seen the TV show.
For example… this is how it went down.
Booger: Mom, deal or no deal? I will give you my dollar, if you let me watch Zak & Cody while you go rest.
Me: Ummmmm………?
Booger: Plllllllleeeeeeeeeeassssssseeee?
Me: Ok. Deal!
Anyways, here I am off another point again, but I just want him to know I am proud of his “work” and “job” as he calls it and that he enjoys spelling. Is most definitely my child.
(Believe it or not, I was a great speller in school. Was in the spelling bee as well too!)

Friday, February 19, 2010

What's in a name??

You ask? So glad that you did!

I’ve been thinking about this as I got an email from Bubba boogers church teacher that they were going to talk about the children’s names and wanted to know where we came up with his name.
I bet a lot of people are wondering where I came up with the name of this blog. Right?? Ok, No?? Well, I’ll tell you. I’m cool like that.

Boogers?? Ewwww.............. why boogers?
It’s not those boogers.
It’s more a term of endearment for us. Like “Baby”, boo-boo-, doo-doos, ca-ca stinky, all those weird made up names. That is what we use around our house. My husband’s made most of them up. He’s the weird one.
So here’s where the name comes from.
(Pull up a chair)
Back in high school, hubby was a wrestler. They called him Mad booger. It’s a play on his name. He is not a mad person no, that’s not what it means, that was his name. and then it got dropped to just be “booger”. Coach still calls him that btw. So, to many people out in his world, he is “booger”, that’s who he is. Now that he has offspring running around they are boogers too!
I am NOT a booger. I am just boogers wife. And some boogers mommy, I suppose.
So that is where we get our name just in case y’all were dyyyyying to know, and you couldn’t sleep at night.

I’ll post later on where my name came from. My given name. But that’s a long one. You may need a tissue. Ok, I guess only if you’re my mom and I. Well, maybe some others too.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today's things

Down three pounds this morning!! WOOO HOOO Can you hear that from where you are at? It was loud. It was a happy yell. Since Sunday when I weighed, I am down 3 pounds this morning. I've been working out hard so that feels good. Just .........what....???? 37 more to go right?? Gosh, will I ever get there? I know I will, it will just be later rather than sooner.
I did a good pilates workout this morning, then some strength training and that was the end of my "good" day.
It hasn't been a bad day, Boo Boo is just not napping and wants on my hip. Not really like him. He's good to play on his own and explore. I realized that he's teething about 1 o clock. His back teeth are coming in. So he hasn't been so pleasant today, but I can take one day. Or a couple I guess if that's what it's going to be.
He also found the "Stuff" under the sink today, Guess it's time to move the "poisons" to the upper cupboard. It's so weird to have to worry about things like that again. It's been so long. It's really weird. But it's a nice weird.
I think that's about all. He's a mover and a cruiser and getting and finding more and more each day. He's getting really comfortable on his feet. I think walking is in his near future. (insert sad mommy face here.)
Oh and he had his first cookie today. I felt bad for him. With his teeth and all. So when I baked cookies for big brother before he got home for school, I let him have one. Now he needs to get all that sugar out of his body. Poor kid.
Ok. Now, that is all!
Have a great evening! Happy Hump Day. (Meaning it's the middle of the week.)
Nothing else. Get your mind out of the gutter would you? I crack myself up. LOL

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weight Loss Journey

I have got to lose some weight. I am on a journey. It’s going to be long, well OK, four months long, for right now. That’s my short goal. My sister gets married in four months. Ten pounds a month isn’t too hard to ask right?? Well it wouldn’t be if girls scout cookies weren’t coming out, Valentine’s candy wasn’t lurking all around me, Disneyland trips weren’t made. I tell ya, I am doomed! Oh and then Easter is around the corner and do you know what that means?? These bad boys come out. Oh, man, They kill me. I have got to be strong. I’m gonna do it. I am just going to have to workout harder to counteract all the things I want to eat. No, that's not a good idea, I just need to say no!! Why oh why is food so good to eat? Why is it so yummy?

Anyone want to join me? Wanna do it together?

I may document it, and take pictures, not share them though. Or, maybe when I don’t look like that anymore I will. LOL, I am not sure about that. I’ve already lost 20 (that was all breastfeeding weight) but around the holidays I didn’t worry about it too much and January was just a blur to me. With the stomach ickies that helped. Dropped 3 pounds without wanting or trying. Gotta love that! If I post it here, I’m thinking I’ll be more accountable, than I’ll HAVE to do it. I want to already, but it will make me want it even more, it will make those that see me ask about it, and tell me to stop shoveling the samoas in my mouth. So here I go…………………Submitted.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mother/ Son conversation

My son knows I am losing weight, or at least trying. He knows that “soon I’ll be skinny” is what I tell him, when he comments on my jiggly belly.
Hey! I just had a wrestling buddy for you little dude, give me a break Sheesh. {My “just” is turning into a year soon now, but it’s only been 3 months since I stopped breast feeding and that’s what I am going off OK?? Cut me some slack please.}
So I am in my room and ready to go out to a dinner, and I am in heels and jeans so I look taller and the jeans make me look smaller, and he tells me:
Him: Mom, just don’t lose too much weight. Your pants will just fall down if you get too skinny.
Me: No son, that’s when you buy smaller jeans.
Him: (Totally ignoring what I said) See, you’re this big right now [Put his hands on either side of my waist to measure]
I just want you to be “this” size. [Moves his hands in maybe 3 inches]
Me: Well, I think I want to be a little smaller than that son, but we’ll see.
Him: Well just don’t get to skinny, because I like you the way you are, all pretty and nice, but you have just a little flubby stuff, (giggling) but then you’ll be perfect. I love you momma. (HUGS ME)
Me: Awww, you’re so sweet now, what happened?? Hehe (Laughing): I love you too doo-doo.

I guess I should really stop saying out loud how I hate my jiggly gut. He’s going to have weight issues when he grows up. That will probably be the least of my worries though. You don’t ever realize how much you say certain things until your kids are mimicking it back to you.
OK, from here on out I will say, “I am wonderful! I am beautiful and people LOVE me Gosh darn it!”
Will that work?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

From my little cupids
Cupid Bubbas 2004

Sorry the quality is not great. My scanner is not hooked up to my new computer and so I had to take pictures, of the pictures.

Cupid Boo Boo 2010

and they took this one as well, and the employee insisted I get this one. It's more "glam" baby. The other one shows his personality more, but here it is as well.

Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Baking and the ER.

I spent most of my afternoon, making this cookie bouquet
and these Valentine petit fours.
I did mine a little different because I have no idea honestly what royal icing is and these are the candies and things I had on hand and so this is what I used. The roses were really fun to learn. I think I can get better next time since this was my first shot at them.

Initals and some Hugs to make it simple and easy. I was tired just after getting them all covered in the fondant! Phewwww!
They are definitely not perfect. First time with fondant as well, so I'll get better at it I hope and will cover them better. Baby steps remember, Baby steps.
For the initials, I painted on some corn syrup/water mixture and then used cookie cutters to give me the letter.

I was done with the treats and our evening had begun,dinner was eaten,then Bub-bas decided to jump on the couch and hit his head, right smack dab on a bowl. Why the bowl was there is a whole 'nother story, but it was and it hit him perfectly to spilt his head, right above his eye.

This was after the incident, trying to decide if it's worth a trip or not to Urgent Care.
(It doesn't look bad from this angle)

I decided to go, just because it looked kind of deep and didn't want to chance anything. My theory is always, better safe, than sorry.

After 3 urgent cares and no one being opened, or telling me I had to pay everything "up front" our first time with them, we headed back to the ER were I began when I asked the paramedics were an Urgent care was. I'm not sure, as the city we live in is smaller and you have to drive to a bigger city to get to the one that is "in our network."

He did not want me to take a picture. He was tired and worn out. He tried.

But I succeed, begging that I would give him ice cream or something. This was after they glued it together. Thankfully, it was a little too short and deep shy of needing stitches. THANK GOODNESS!! That would've been a whole 'nother mess. This kid is NOT good with hospitals, shots, etc.

He did really good and went to sleep on the way home. I'm sure very relieved that he didn't have to get stitches. I was glad too!

Here is how you do the cookie bouquet if you're interested.
Roll your cookie dough out and use your cookie cutters to cut out the shapes.

My dough was not being cooperative, I must have done something wrong, it was really sticky and so I didn't do too many of them on the stick because of that, but this is how you do it.

Put the dough on the cookie sheets. Then, insert the sticks into them before you cook them.
After they have cooked, pull them out of the oven and let them cool. Make your frosting while the cookies cool off.

This is the frosting recipe I used. Courtesy of Ryan, Thanks Ryan! It's Yummm. (I actually halfed this because I didn't have that many to frost.)

6 Tbsp. butter
4 1/2-4 3/4 cups powdered sugar
1/4 c. milk
1 1/2 tsp. vanilla

Frost your cookies and decorate them how you like. Hold the cookies on the sticks by the cookie, so they don't fall off the stick, or break.

I dyed the frosting a few different colors to get some variety.

And then arrange them in a container, and watch them disappear!

(This container was filled with rice most of the way, and then candy hearts on top to add color and decor)

It's all just a memory now

I miss breastfeeding. I can’t believe that I am saying that “out loud.” Or even typing it, after all the pain I went through. Maybe it’s not the actual "bf" that I miss but, the bonding, the holding of my baby and singing to him in my most well, best, lullaby voice that I sooo don’t have. Mr. B LOVES music. He loves song and those times, late at night, right when he was born and I would feed him, hold him and sing, and he'd fall asleep, there was a special feeling in the room. A feeling I don’t think I will over forget. Me, him and the Holy Spirit that warmed my heart. It made me so grateful and thankful for this little guy that came into our lives and was such a miracle. I think “that” is really what I miss the most. I miss those special moments together. I hope I always remember them.

Oh and today, over on the vintagepearl blog, She's giving away a $50 giftcertifcate. So if you didn't win one here and that's what you wanted, check out her blog to win!

ALSO, McKMama is giving away a camera bag too! Giveaway weekend galore! Check it out to win a Kelly Moore bag.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Uncanny truths about Motherhood- Embarrassment by your Children

It just goes with the territory. Once you have a child and they are talking and understanding life, they WILL embarrass you by things they say. It is a given. You will just have to accept it and come up with something nice to cover it up or walk away from the child and pretend he is not yours. That is what I wanted to do one day in Disneyland.
As we were standing in line to buy our tickets, there was a lady in front of us. She was in a velour jumpsuit, you know, the typical mom gear around here, “cozy outfit,” jacket and pants. (Though her jacket was kind of a little too short for her, imo.) My son turns around to me and says;
“Mom, that lady has a fat tummy like you do.”
Me: (totally embarrassed and not knowing what to say, I just didn’t say anything in hopes that it would stop him. It didn’t.
Him: Mom, look! That lady has a fat stomach like you! It’s all hanging out!
This is when I kneeled down to his level and said, “Booger, DON’T you say that. Shhhh! That is not nice.” {Standing back up again thinking he’s done and understands}
Him: Well she does, look! It hangs over her pants. Her tummy’s like yours.
I am horrified. I am wishing that time was NOT standing still and hoping that she’s not hearing any of this, but knowing better because my boogers are anything but quiet. I lean down again, and say
“Stop! No more, that is not nice.” I didn’t know what else to say. I wanted him to stop repeating himself as he got louder and louder every time that I ignored him.
Finally she left and it was our turn to go up to the window. After I got our passes and we were heading inside, I gave him the whole manners speech about not talking about others. That people have feelings and you can hurt people’s feelings saying these sort of things. At this point we had been taking showers together. He was about 2 ½-3 I can’t really remember, but this is when I knew that we would no longer be taking showers together. He didn’t need to see my fat tummy anymore. Nor did he need to tell others that theirs’ looked like mine. (Just FTR, I could care less if people know I have a fat tummy. My first booger was 9 lb 4 oz, and me being short-waisted, it’s a given what happened to my stomach. There was no more place for him to go. I'm not worried about me, I’m more worried about what he’s saying to others.)
So, when children come, prepare to be embarrassed. Maybe I am the only one out there that has such an honest, candid child. I hope I am not. Sometimes they say really funny things. Sometimes they are really sweet and pure. And then there are other times, times like these, when you want to crawl in a hole and pretend you are non-existent. I have labeled all of Bubba Boogers sayings as “Kid Quips”. If you have a minute or two and want to laugh, check them out. There's more to come often as it's a daily thing with this kid. He keeps life entertaining.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My BFF (Best friend forever- in case you didn’t know) came to visit me. A couple weeks ago I went and visited her and her baby girl if you remember. She brought her little baby girl of course so I could love on her, and smell her again. (Of course I got only one picture, and then my battery died, sheesh, I am NOT doing good with this camera thing lately!)
My MIL and her.

She has known me the closest and longest of any one on this planet. (Well of course not longer than my family members I guess, but probably much closer. There were years we were inseparable) We have been best friends since I was 15, right before my 16th birthday. Gosh, we were babies now that I look back. And now we have babies. Wow, has life turned around from where we were 17+ years ago and come full circle. She celebrates her birthday this weekend. I said to her “ J- Do you realize that officially now, I have known you half your life? How weird is that? How crazy is that? Did you ever think we would get to this point in our life?”
We both agreed that life is sooo much better now. We are both glad that we are where we are today. (well, for the most part, all things considered) The things that you worry about as a teenager, rarely even cross your mind as a mom in your 30’s. The things that you want for yourself are few and far between and more so you want for your children. I hope my kids have friends like her. A friend that they can tell everything to, a friend that will be there for them, for anything, and a friend that is true.

She was in my wedding.

May 2001

and I was in hers. (Pregnant I might add, very pregnant. This is all I have of us, I need a better picture J, maybe of us looking at the camera. LOL)

Feb. 2009

We were not always close in distance. She went to school in Hawaii and I lived in Russia, so we were a globe apart sometimes, but we were always close in our hearts. We could go years without seeing each other, but as soon as we did, it was like we were never apart. I cherish her so much and know that she is so special. I hope you have a wonderful, magnificent, birthday James!! I love you!
And I’m serious about an arranged marriage. I think out of my 2 boys, your little girl could fall in love with one of them?? We’ll talk again about this in 10 years, K?

I hope that you all out there have special friends, friends that you can count on. They are what makes your sad days happier and adds to the joy in your life. If you don’t have one, go out and make some. Go meet someone that you can be close to. They keep life full and exciting.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here's a few more tips on cleaning & organizing

Hope you enjoy them and it helps save time or effort somewhere along the way.


FIFO- “first in first out” in the cupboards and pantry. I do stack the same kinds on top of each other or behind each other to rotate the food use. What is oldest gets used first and then you know what’s in your cupboard without going through everything.
Bath time- double up kids to shower and bathe together. If they ages or genders work you can kill two birds with one stone. For me with the baby, I bathe with him or him with me. Once a baby can sit in the chair by themselves, have them get in with you. This was shared with me by my friend Jill and it saved me with my first, when I was afraid to be out of his sight. Bath time got both of us clean and time spent together having fun. I know take my little booger in the shower with me. He sits and plays at one end, while I take an actual shower, not the 2 minute rinse offs, I’ve never been a fan of those, and we are both happy. Then once I’m done, I pick him up, and wash and bathe him. Layout their clothes, lotions and diapers beforehand so when you get out, they can get dressed right away.
Delegate the responsibilities-“chores” Didn’t you hate that word as a child? Now I get it though as a mom. It’s too much to do it all yourself, and your kids need to be taught to work and understand responsibility too. Start with little things for the young-ins. My first boogers first task was putting his underwear and socks away. He had two drawers for each, and after laundry was done, and I made a pile for him, he knew it was his time to put his things away. Now he can put most of his clothes away as he got older. He can also empty the dishwasher, set the table, and LOVES to use the vacuum. Sweet for me, fun for him!
If charts work for your child, make a chart so they can see what they are “in charge” of or responsible for. Kids enjoy accomplishing things and feel pride in taking care of their things. Chuck E Cheese dot com has great charts to use for kids awards.
We pay for “extra” chores that are done throughout the house. Some kids will do more, some none and that’s ok. (Unless you’re like us and only have one that can really do chores, then maybe it’s not so OK.) It’s like the sales force out in the world. Teach them that work =pay. As much extra work that they do , they will be rewarded. Pay a dollar, .50 cents, $5 per task. Whatever works in your household. It also helps them to be responsible and start to understand the value of money. (Tips soon on teaching kids about money)

We have a winner!!!

I am trying to get Photoshop installed on my new computer so you can "see" it straight from I do not pick the winner myself, just so you know, that would be too darn hard so I leave that work to the generator. There were only 27 comments that met the deadline. Thanks to everyone who came and entered. It was fun!! I hope it was for you too. I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day!

The winner chosen was comment #26. Dana

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1
Max: 27

Congratulations Dana, it looks like your perseverance worked and your twitter post made you win!! Email me at threeboogers (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know what you want stamped onto the necklace. You will LOVE it! Erin over at Vintage Pearl does a great job and they are beautiful!!
Thanks again everyone!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's Monday and almost Valentine's

It’s Monday!! I like Mondays. They are lazy days for me. I recuperate from having the boys home and have to get my house back in order. Valentine’s Day is coming up!! Anyone excited?? I am. What do you like to get for this day? Flowers? I LOVVVEEE fresh flowers. Have a dozen orange roses on my table now.
Some see’s chocolates? I LOOOVE chocolates. LOL
Or better, chocolate covered strawberries? Now that's better.
Are you a jewelry girl? Why YES I am!
Do you like some lovin’? OK maybe that is TMI, I don’t want to know about that, K.
All of the above? I think that’s what I must be.
I like it all. I don’t care if it’s one over the other. For the first 8 years we went out on that day and had a nice dinner. We got lucky with the crowds and time when we were NK. (no kids) and even AK(after kids) one, it wasn’t bad, but the crowds are getting worse, and with 2, now, I don’t know. I don’t even know what we did last year. I think just hung out. I think that’s what we both wanted to do. I was very pregnant and that’s what sounded good. For years we saw a movie and dinner, but that’s been awhile. We’re getting old and are over the crowds and prices that seem to go up and up every year.
Soooo……….. I’m going to do a giveaway. Tell me which one of these things that I listed you like, or if you like something else that’s fine too, but I am going to give away one of these. They are what I like. So you’ll have to pick one of the four, since well... this is MY blog. LOL
Dozen roses
2 lb. box of See’s chocolate
This necklace from
vintage pearl
6 chocolate covered strawberries

Here are the rules. Giveaway goes until Tuesday at 12 noon PST. I will randomly pick someone shortly after that time and annonouce the winner. Winner must contact me and I will order your gift that day. Depending on the item, there are different shipping times. So I can't be exact when your item will come.
One entry per person. You may blog, twitter, or facebook about it and get more entries, just be sure to come back here and leave the link.
Good luck! And Happy Valentine’s day!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Uncanny truths of Motherhood- Kid Quips

This is going down in my motherhood book of quotes. Little eyes shouldn't read. haha J/K
Feeding Mr B tonight and my other son comes up and cuddles with me and wants to lay his head on my chest. As he puts his arms around me and gets close to them, I say, "Ummmm Hello?? away from my boobs bud, that's not appropriate. "
Him- "Mom, we shouldn't call them that, that's not appropriate probably. Let's call them something else.
Me- What?? boobs??? We shouldn't say that?
Him- No, it's kinda not appropriate. Let's call them....................your pretty fancy shops. That's good. Say, stay away from my Pretty fancy shops.
Me starting to laugh in hysterics. Oh, son! You are funny.
Him- Oh and Mom. Your fancy shops make you look beautiful.
Me- laughing even more trying not to wet my pants and fall on the floor.
I love this kid.
Where does he come up with these things?? He is sooo much like his dad.

The Uncanny truths about Motherhood- Sleep

My dear friend Alyssa told me about a book, when I was expecting my first booger. I just let it brush past my brain and didn’t really think to listen. Then I remember after having my little booger, her coming to my baby shower and how so many people were so impressed when she went and set her 3 month old down to nap, on his own, at a different place, and thought, I need to know what she knows. When my worn out tired self needed some sleep when my child was 9 weeks old, I emailed her begging, pleading to share the book with me. Thankfully she replied quickly and told me Oh it’s “On becoming Baby wise.” We got to the book store as fast as I could and got that book and started reading. That was my lifesaver. For me, it was what I needed. I needed to know that my baby wasn’t hungry again an hour after I fed him, and that babies do and will cry and it’s Ok. I know it’s very hard for some people to listen to I am one of them. It breaks my heart. But babies can’t talk and this is how they communicate {Post on baby cries soon} and so we need to listen to them.
The jist of what this book says is about routine and the way the routine goes, makes all the difference. Their routine is: sleep, then eat, then wake time, then sleep and so on. It works! It’s simple it’s easy and helps bring peace to a new mother. For me at least it did. I was nursing a baby sometimes to sleep an hour later he’d wake up and I’d think, oh great, here we go again. The first time around, it was hard because he wasn’t used to this schedule so when I threw it upon him at 9 weeks old, I’m sure he was not happy with it. There were times when he would scream for 30 minutes. It seemed like 30 hours. It was short lived though and then he would sleep. He would sleep peacefully and so could I. I could relax and get some sleep myself.
When kids sleep they develop, and grow. They are happy and momma (and daddy) is happy too! When my second one came around, I started this schedule from birth and it was so nice. There really was no crying stage and he is one, happy smiling boy. I hear it all the time. Just like the book says you will. “Your baby is so happy.” “He is such a good baby.” And my favorite “You are so lucky.” It is not luck of the draw in my opinion, every baby can be taught this. I taught them how to sleep. It’s a skill that needs to be learned just like crawling, just like pincher grasp, just like holding their head up, etc. I’m not trying to toot my own horn because I didn’t come up with this. I just followed it. So for that, I toot my horn. For happy babies that sleep well and for the many sleepFUL nights I get and will continue to get. For that I toot my horn. Check out the book. Naptime with my first booger continued until he was 4 years old. He was that good of a sleeper. For me then, Naptime=Mommytime=Sanity. I don’t think I ever saw 8 o’clock in the morning for his first 4 years of life unless we had to be up for something. My friends and family knew to not call at least until 10 because, well, we were sleeping. Remember it’s for YOU to use as a tool. It’s not for you to be tied down to and be a slave to. It’s not to make crying good, or a “crying” book. I don’t like when people say that. They just don’t understand that’s all. It’s supposed to help you. Like your rake, or shovel in the garden, your scrubber, or sponge with the dishes. It’s to help out YOU. Make life easier for you and your baby. Don’t think that you can’t love and rock your babies. That is not what they are trying to stay, or that’s not what I am saying. Spend time lovin’ on your babies, absolutely! Kiss on them, sing to them, and rock them all you want. Do it when they are awake. Don’t let it be the way that they HAVE to fall asleep. Put them down when they are sleepy and teach them to fall asleep themselves. It makes me sad when I hear about people that haven’t slept through the night in months, or even years because they are up all night. It doesn’t have to be that way, that’s all I’m saying. Life is so much better than that. Try it, I promise, once your child sleeps, you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy and Happy Sleeping!!
*This paired with the knowledge of cries made life blissful with my 2nd newborn. {Cries post coming soon}

Friday, February 5, 2010

We went away

with our daddy on a road trip so he could enjoy a Guys weekend.

We drove through here
So we could get to this,

and he and the "dudes" could enjoy some of these and ski all day long for days. Of course not this mountain, but ones that are cleared of trees and have trails. And of course the plan was to ski all day long but at their ripe 'ole age, their not the young stallions they once were. As they hit the mountain the kiddos could play in snow, build snowmen and then destroy them and know what's it's like to be "freezzzzzzzing."

The kids were pretty good for the most part. On the way up we did it in two days and spent the night in a hotel. That was much easier. On the way home, we had to do it all in one day, which isn't bad but when your driving through Vegas and the heat and the desert with the sun in your eyes, kids don't understand. I say next road trip we get an RV. Than we can roam and play
as we like and time just passes away and before you know it, "We are there now."
Oh and a Happy Birthday shout out to my two nieces. Rain-brin and Demiski! Love you girls. One is 18 today and one turned 21 on Tuesday. There is no way, no how, these little girls are this age already.

A few more tips on organizing and cleaning

1. If you are the one paying the bills. Do it twice a month. (or weekly if that works with your pay schedule.) I separate everything into two dates. The 5th and the 20th. Make an excel worksheet with those dates on them and list the bills due under the specific date. Go through the list and put a check or “X” them when you have paid them then you know you are done and move on. This helps me to know what and when I pay things and sometimes I will put in confirmation # or check # there as well, if I need a reference.
2. Have a place for everything. If you don’t have a place right now, make one. Ex. My car keys. Every time I come home, I open up the drawer in the credenza and put them in. I know when I need to leave again, right where they will be. You can spend waste many hours trying to find things. I know, I see it in people daily and it drives me batty. Some people will just not be able to accomplish this but give it a try, at least with one thing and see how it works out! I like the kids backpacks and homework things kept somewhere especially.
3. Along the same lines with my daily dishes and laundry duties, I say anything else that comes your way daily, do it right then. Ex. The mail. If it is hard for you to go through it all, try doing it right away so it doesn’t pile up. I do not go through junk mail. This saves a few minutes a day and really adds up. I own a shredder and everything that has specific information on, I shred and dispose of. When the bills come in the mail, open them, then sort them in your 5th pile, or your 20th pile (As explained in #1 tip). I have a ticker folder and put them in there right away.
There, that’s all for now. I think just a few steps, can help you on your way. Remember inch by inch it’s a cinch, yard by yard it’s hard. I try to keep all the inches in my life that I can.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Uncanny truths about Motherhood- Breastfeeding

I will not lie. The hardest thing that comes with having a baby for me is breastfeeding. Its two fold, one, I am not a small boobied girl and so it takes work to make it work. It’s not something that I want or care to do out in public, because it’s a task, a chore, and it involves me taking off many layers and well, I don’t think that’s so great to do in public. 2nd, it makes me ravenously hungry. I am NOT one of those lucky lucky suckers that loses weight when I nurse. On the contrary, I gain it and become heavier than I was when I am 9 months pregnant. Well, life isn’t fair so I will move past that, but this is what I know.

It is so great to have that bond with your child if you can do it and the time spent, I don’t think is ever forgotten. For both mother and child. The development that occurs and things that are "taught" when a child nurses are special in my opinion and their immunity system as well, will love your for it. With my first little booger, I had no idea what I was doing. I was so not willingly to just whip it out there in the hospital and let many different people grab, squish and move my boob around. I wish I would have. I would have learned a lot. I was too “uncomfortable” and thought it should be something more private for me to learn. Well, my son was 13 weeks old and I had already had 6 breast infections, or mastitis. Sooooo not fun! How come nobody told me about mastitis? How come I had to find out the hard way?? I didn’t even realize that if I was feeding incorrectly it would cause this. I also didn’t know that nursing shouldn’t hurt. Now, I’m not talking just a little discomfort, but pain. Real pain, where I was crying and in tears because it hurt so bad. In my mind though, this was what was best for my child, so I continued to do it. I should have listened to my husband, when he said, that can’t be right, that there must be a better way. (Don’t let him know he was right though, OK?) I was stubborn (still am- working on that) and kept trying to go at it uncomfortably.
A proper sucking technique and latch-on will make all the difference. I learned this the second time around. And I also learned that babies only need to eat 2 ½ to 3 hours. When they are fussing an hour later, it doesn’t mean they are hungry. {I will do another post on sleep and different cries shortly.} I did not know this and offered my breast which in turn brought on more pain and suffering. Do not offer the breast (or bottle) every time your baby cries. If you are nursing, I think that is the fast and quickest way to a downward spiral. You will be exhausted! This is know, because I was there. I didn’t know any different, and because he sucked, or latched on every time (DUH!!) I thought that he was hungry, and well I was just becoming a human pacifier. I don't use, or really believe in pacifiers, so why I was becoming a human one? Well, I didn't know I was.

Lanolin cream by Lansinoh was my life saver. It helped me tremendously and kept me from cracking. I didn’t ever have bleeding nipples, just very worn out ones. I also hear that there is something similar to a big Chapstick tube maybe from Johnson & Johnson that works well!
The pump for me, worked when I just couldn’t nurse and did feel better. If you have a good pump and don't have to do the work, another thing great for a new mom, less work, can make all the difference. I have the medela double breast electric one. I was in so much pain before, when I was doing it wrong, that of course it felt better when I could get proper drainage. I could never use a nipple shield, that didn’t work for me. It was so big and I couldn’t get that, along with my breast, into my poor babies’ mouth.

It does get easier and better with each child, or at least it did for me. When the second one came around, with a proper shield, I was comfortable and “expert” enough to be able to stop at Legoland, and Sea world and feed my baby without taking an hour out of my day and having to undress myself. Keep trucking along and get more comfortable with it. It will come along. I was even able to just sit and do it naturally while I had Tonya take pictures of me and my babe. I would have never guessed the first time around that I would be so comfortable to do this. Of course, Tonya isn’t a stranger so I could do it with her, but just saying, I wouldn’t have done that, and didn’t, with my first child. That’s why with my second I wanted pictures so badly to say, this is something I accomplished. Something that I overcame and was successful at this certain task. I also never thought I would be able to put up a picture of me doing this. But if it helps but one person out there,if someone tries it, or keeps going maybe because of this post, or picture, and succeed in breastfeeding, then it’s worth it for me.
Having said and gone through all of this, don’t think that it’s not worth it. I would and will go through it again. It still hurts every time you start because of the engorging that occurs and the soreness until your nipples can callus or get used to it, but again, I think it’s something that if you can do, is great for you and your baby. Much cheaper too! This time around, I needed to stop when my babe was 7 months old and boy, I can’t wait until he can have real milk and we aren’t dishing out 25 bucks a week on formula. That reason alone, I think, would make someone want to give it a go!

House Cleaning Surprise Secret Giveaway

My post about keeping a house clean" How do they know", was a secret giveaway and the one and only comment was the winner!!
Congrats Gisela, contact me at threeboogers at gmail dot com to win your free house cleaning up to $75.00!
Don't just read secretly, leave comments and you could be a winner!
A few of my tips are to do daily cleaning and pick up constantly, ok maybe not constantly, but often. Instead of just taking a trip up stairs or down empty handed, take something with you and put it away. I only have one story so when I go to the back of the house, (it's SOOO huge too! LOL) I take things with me that are in the front of the house. Try and keep the dishwasher empty and always keep filling it, when it's full, start the load and unload and put away asap. Notice I say try, I myself don't always do it, there are some days, when I just DON'T want to pick up and clean and you've seen my full sink on here. I do the same with laundry. One or 2 loads a day, will keep the laundry monster away!

I think we all love a clean house, or most of us do anyway.

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