Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bennett's Day! and all mother's

Today was a special day for me. My heart is full. Bennett was given his official name at church today and it couldn't have landed on a better day. What a great day to be a Mother! We had a wonderful time today, eating, playing and just enjoying our day. Here are some pictures.

The outfit:

The booties

The Attendees (is that even a word??) why doesn't that seem right?

(and this was only half of my family). We love you all! I'm grateful for big families. Aren't they the best??

and of course what's Mother's day without some beautiful flowers.

Let me just tell you that these were not from my husband. I wish they were. But thank you to the In laws that did bring them. I made the horrible mistake last year commenting on how much he spent on the flowers for some occassion, I can't even remember now, I think it was Mother's day, and well, Now, my husband that used to get flowers for me all the time, never gets them. I wish I would've kept my mouth shut. Stupid me! Take my advice and don't ever tell your husband he got ripped off, or he spent too much on you. LOL Never again. I've learned my lesson. They're pretty though aren't they?

And when everything was send and done, and I was in the Nursery changing Bennett for the last time today, I saw this on his nightstand. This was done by his cousin, my niece. What a sweet little girl. Just too precious!

We love you Baby Bennett!! You are soo special to this family. xoxoxo

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