Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Once Upon a Time.........

There was a girl going about her life, having what she thought was "the time of her life" .....

and a boy (with a crazy dog) going about his.

and their paths crossed, and they started to like each other. And like turned to love...........

and they got engaged to be married.......

And on this day, May 19th, eight years ago...............they were.

It was the beginning of lots of good times, sad times, exciting things and the life of over and over mundane things.
They have two wonderful blessings, that add to their lives, and it is good. God is wonderful and the blessings, and trials that he continues to give us, make us stronger.

Now we both realize, that these truely, are the best times of our lives.

I love you baby!! Happy 8 years. XOXO

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