Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Uncanny truths about Motherhood- IV Maternity clothes

So if you aren't a size 0-2 or 18-20. It's pretty hard to get maternity clothes that fit you and look great. Everything is too snug, too big or just doesn't look right. I think they forget that your boobs grow as well, and for those of us that were already D's before we got pregnant, well, we need a little room to grow in that area as well. Who's designing these clothes anyways? Wait let me guess, probably men!!
Some things that I have found that I love are the Japanese weekend pants. They are oohh! So comfy and don't feel like your suffocating. Gap also has great bottoms that have adustable waists and help so that you can grow into your pants and they aren't falling off of you. The bella bands are I think, one of my favorite inventions! They allow you to wear your normal clothes for a little bit longer and still look stylish. They come in all different colors and so you aren't resticting your wardrobe. There are those that are adjustable and those that are one size. Personally, the ones that were adujstable, I liked better. The ones that don't adjust, still squeeze the belly a little bit and hurt if you aren't “the right size”. I didn't need anything else squeezing my middle. For me, the less constriction, the less refining, the better. I don't like tight things and your baby won't either. Allow free flowing shirts, fun dresses or leggings for your maternity wear and keep yourself comfy and breathing. It's only nine months, not a life time and then you can go back to squeezing into your jeans after the baby comes. Believe me, you'll want to squeeze into those jeans after the babies here, just don't do it before they come and make both of you miserable.

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