Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Here they are. Finally rounded up and together. Our Easter pictures.

As I have mentioned a few times, I was really sick on Easter. It was awful. I hate being sick. Yes, I think I can use the word hate here. It's more than despise.

I'm glad it was me though, than anyone else in my family. I think I handle it a little better than ummmm.......... say, the male of the household. I kid. I kid. He's pretty good actually and doesn't ever want to be sick either, so when he's down, I know he's really out.

These were the only shots that I managed to take on Easter Sunday but at least it was something.

All the egg hunters gathered on the stairs to get baskets, get ready, and of course take pictures. It's quite hard to get a "good" picture with 14 kids in it. Or a picture at all without someone looking. This was the best, that wasn't blurred and kids weren't moving, waving, standing up or what not.

I didn't ask to post this picture of everyone, so if someone doesn't want their child up, email me and let me know. It's mostly family and great friends, so I didn't think anyone would mind, but I don't mind taking it down, if someone doesn't want it up.

The littles were let out first. 2 and under (I think)

It was Boo Boo's first time to hunt eggs. (Obviously, he was a few weeks old last year.)

He enjoyed it for about 4 eggs, then he was done.
(Sorry Babe, I didn't mean to cut you out of everything)

Well and the older ones came out, and he was more interested in seeing what all the rukus was about.

And the kids began hunting.

The boys ran and hunted.


Look at the determination!! Of course only a boy would go out on there to get that thing. (and only a boy would put it out there ) Our Easter bunny was definitely a boy.

and the girls................... they got some eggs. But they were more daint and delicate about getting their eggs.

Mainly, they just looked pretty!
Look at my gorgeous nieces!! Strutting their stuff. They are just sooo pretty. Watch out boys.
And then they were done, and content, and socialized and let me take pictures. :0)

And the boys, yes, they continued to hunt.

Prize in sight!!

{Oh yeah, the boys shirts were made by my friend Gina, who has now moved to England. She is soo dang good with her stuff. Check out her etsy store. She'll be up and running again in a month or so.}

Looking through my photos, it just reaffirms to me, that the men are the hunters out there in society. (Generally speaking of course)

They are the Knock 'em dead, go out, kill the beast and bring it home to the family kind of people. It is who they are.

They hunted for their families and those around their homes, and the mothers, took care of the children, and homes.

It is sooo obvious in these pictures,to me, that this is how God planned it, and this is how it should be.

It may sound silly to some, but going through these and seeing the different genders hunt, there is a difference. The way the two, go through life and see things differently and view it, I'm glad I am where I am, at home, and my husband is out tackling the beasts and bringing us home dinner.

I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter. I wish I could be with all my family and friends on all holidays, but such is life.

This is my life. And these are my 3 boogers.

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Gisela said...

Love the picture of the men in your life!

And thanks again for my candy!!!

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