Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What a difference

a little editing can do.

Just want to show you a little something that I think is neat. I heart photoshop. It's really neat IMO. I think we have gotten into an era where it is used ALL the time. That aspect of it I don't nesseccarily like. It actually bugs me a little.

BUT that being said, everyone is processing their photos right now, and whether it sticks around or not, is another question. With more technology I think it will , but I hope the pictures that are pure, true and really capturable stick around.

So, with that said. I want to show you some pictures. That back in the day, we would've just tossed and thought, bummer, they didn't work.

With digital, with editing software, and so much more, you can MAKE the pictures work. Here are 3 pictures that I took with my settings incorrect.

I would LOVE to say that it was on purpose, but it wasn't.

I was taking pictures of some watches, {my husbands family business} and my son was with me outside, so I starting shooting away. Well, pictures close up and shiny metals and diamonds, as opposed to Boo Boo a little further off, and not so shiny, I thought wouldn't make such a difference, but it did. So I got pictures of him totally blown out.

I am in no way an expert. I am learning photography and teaching myself editing and I enjoy it, so I just want to share with you that not all pictures are lost. Again, I am not an expert, not a professional, I am learning, have been in this for about a year and a half and am trying to understand it all. There's my little disclosure, so you can't hold anything against me, or say, SHE said. Of course , some pictures can not be saved, but MOST can.
AND, if you take a crappy picture, meaning crappy exposure, compostion, it's not in focus at all, then, well, it's probably not worth saving, but if you get some of it right, it's possible it can be.
Ok, moving on.
So with a little help. A little bump of this, take away of that, we have our 3 pictures that are worth looking at now.

Is that cool? I think it is. They aren't perfect, they won't win any prize, but I got the moment captured and now it will be a memory and something he can see when he is older.

By the way, This was one of my most favorite outfits from his older brother. There were few outfits that I had saved. This was one of them, and I'm so glad. I'm not so much into overalls like I was with his brother, but I think it's cute on him and I've been wanting to get him in this. He is taller than his brother was for sure. Wearing this at a year old, when his brother wore it at almost 18 months. It's neat to see how much they are similar and different, and I get a little of that when I can put some of Bubbas clothes on Boo Boo.

Here they are together for a comparison.

Pretty Cool Yes??


Gisela said...

Gotta love technology! I actually have Photoshop on my cell phone so I can edit my cell phone pics on my phone. I thought that was neat! lol

Mike and Krista Cancelleri said...

I'm just going to hire you to do all of our family photos! I think you're doing great!

Krystin said...

I <3 photo editing! My older brother who does pics professionaly sent me some awesome links that I just fool around with..But it makes the HUGEST difference!!

threeboogers said...

That is cool Gisela! Is there an app for that?? or how did you get it there? I don't take hardly anything on my phone but if I wanted to you know?
Aww.....thanks sis, your too kind.
It DOES Krystin, for real.
I mean, imagine what it does for a great picture!

Bikmans said...

That's incredible that she has photoshop on her phone. Sorry, I got sidetracked. Your pics are great! I agree that photoshop is a great enhancing tool and i love it. but it is sad when people use it as a crutch and dont' also develop the photography skills. It drives me nuts when people look at a good photo and think it's just been photoshopped when really the photoshopping only changed it slightly.

Gina said...

I wish I had photoshop! :( What a difference it makes!...and he is sooo cute too! :)

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