Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!! and winners.............

So sorry for the delay. Today has been another crazy day with LOTS of stuff to do and get accomplished before the weekend. I bet we've all been running around trying to get just that one last thing done.

We hit the mall after eating at one of our favorite restaurants in our town and the line was soooo long for the Easter Bunny, we both said, Let's try tomorrow morning. I don't know if we'll get back there, I really want to. I really want to keep it a tradition and have pictures of every year with the bunny, so we'll see. Anyways, without further we are with our 2 winners.

First comment selected was.....................(drum rool please.. just kidding)
Comment #3. Gisela. Congrats Gigi!! You get the first pick.

And the 2nd comment randomly selected

was comment #2. How weird, 2nd comment selected, 2nd comment, ok, Anyways, sorry,
Bar 7 Ranch! Congratulations Bar 7 Ranch.
{And both low numbers}

Winners please email me at threeboogers {at} gmail (dot) com. Tell me your choice(s) and address to send the prize to.
Gigi, you will get the first pick of eggs, so just 1 number either 1,2, or 3.
Bar 7 Ranch, send me 2 numbers of your choice. If your first choice is the number Gigi selected, you will get your 2nd choice. Cool?? Clear as mud??? Any ?'s let me know.

Tomorrow (I'm hoping ) I will have Bubba Booger, open the eggs and show you which prize you have selected.
Thanks everyone for your comments.
I hope you all have a wonderful, safe, peaceful Easter and that we can all reflect on what Jesus has done for us in our lives. I for one, know he's done sooo much for me and all of you actually. I feel blessed and grateful for that knowledge.
Take care. and Happy Easter!


Gisela said...

WOOHOO! Emailed you!

Bar 7 Ranch said...

Yay!!!!! Im emailing you right now!! THANKS!!!

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