Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy 44th!

Anniversary to my parentals. I have been trying all day to post this and things just kept coming up. Today, 44 years ago, they married one another. Who ever thought that 44 years later, many many moves, many houses, a construction company, 6 children, and 12 grandchildren, they would still be together. I am so happy that they are. It makes me look at my marriage and know that downs do happen, but ups will be there soon, and it is worth it to stay together. Be commited.

This was them on their wedding day. April 30th 1966. What a HOT couple!

Here they are at my wedding, in May of 2001. I had to take pictures of these pictures as they are both in frames in my house. So the quality is not the best.

my Dad has a funny face on him and can you tell it was a windy day??

LOVE YOU GUYS!! Happy Anniversary and may you live for many more!!

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Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents. Wow, 44 years, that's fantastic. I hope Eric and I celebrate 44 or more years together. Have a great weekend.

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