Friday, February 5, 2010

A few more tips on organizing and cleaning

1. If you are the one paying the bills. Do it twice a month. (or weekly if that works with your pay schedule.) I separate everything into two dates. The 5th and the 20th. Make an excel worksheet with those dates on them and list the bills due under the specific date. Go through the list and put a check or “X” them when you have paid them then you know you are done and move on. This helps me to know what and when I pay things and sometimes I will put in confirmation # or check # there as well, if I need a reference.
2. Have a place for everything. If you don’t have a place right now, make one. Ex. My car keys. Every time I come home, I open up the drawer in the credenza and put them in. I know when I need to leave again, right where they will be. You can spend waste many hours trying to find things. I know, I see it in people daily and it drives me batty. Some people will just not be able to accomplish this but give it a try, at least with one thing and see how it works out! I like the kids backpacks and homework things kept somewhere especially.
3. Along the same lines with my daily dishes and laundry duties, I say anything else that comes your way daily, do it right then. Ex. The mail. If it is hard for you to go through it all, try doing it right away so it doesn’t pile up. I do not go through junk mail. This saves a few minutes a day and really adds up. I own a shredder and everything that has specific information on, I shred and dispose of. When the bills come in the mail, open them, then sort them in your 5th pile, or your 20th pile (As explained in #1 tip). I have a ticker folder and put them in there right away.
There, that’s all for now. I think just a few steps, can help you on your way. Remember inch by inch it’s a cinch, yard by yard it’s hard. I try to keep all the inches in my life that I can.

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ForLikeEver said...

This blog of yours is kickin'. Keep on keepin' on with the golden information. ;) I so desperately need to get organized, after 5 moves in 5 years, I'm happy just to have order in my closet and kitchen. I'll remember that quote, inch by inch it's a cinch as I tackle the rest of the house.

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