Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All day I get to play!

Well, I should be doing laundry, I should be cleaning up those things off my counter that you see, I should be listing watches and or getting ready to go to Target but I can't. You know why?? I hear my little guy in the other room and I have to stop and document.

He is fun and cute and just so lovable! As I was brushing my teeth I hear Mr. B doing his new "thing" in his highchair. I ran to get the camera and I know that as soon as I walk in he'll stop doing it. I had to coax and bribe him to do it again, (OK, not really, he doesn't know about bribes......yet) but he did and I'm so proud of his new learned activity. Seems they learn sooo much right now don't they??? Has anyone invented a freezing time machine yet? When you do, contact me A-SAP. I'm in the market for one.

Technical Difficulties: I can not get the video to upload right now. Will have to enlist the help of my husband or try another computer. Stay tuned.

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