Monday, December 14, 2009

A New Home

My BIL has had his central line taken out, his treatments are done and he is going to a new home. I wish it was his own. I soooo wish it was his own, but for now, it will be. He will be going to a care home for, who knows how long right now, to do physical therapy and be taken care of. The other day he raised his hand by himself. It took awhile but he DID it!! This is great news. We are so happy for him. It looks as though the paralysis is going back down his body and he is regaining feeling in his upper limbs.
His family was able to go and visit him tonight for the first time since he went to the hospital and has been in ICU. Two weeks is a LONG time to go without seeing your kids. Not because you want to, but because you CAN'T. I've thought I would LOVE a few days away from these boogers to regain my sanity and I have gotten it before, but when you want to see your kids, when you want to hear their cries, their fits, and you can't. Ugh. I feel for him. He is strong and he is a fighter. I hope he improves quickly and gets home to his babies and his wife.

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