Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas around my house.

A little bit at least. There is sooo much more than this.

It's such a wonderful time of year isn't it?? The year that our first booger was born, this is what our family looked liked. Nice, simple, but oh so small.

This year, we added another bouncing baby boy to our family. He is just so sweet and precious.

Mr. B is his name. Or Bubbas, or Boo Boo, I guess we followed suit and it all falls under the "B" category, so we got it covered with all these nicknames haven't we?

Now our family this year looks like this. Sans a puppy. The oldest booger keeps asking for one, but hubby says he won't just get ONE, that they need to live with someone, so I am passing up the idea to take care of two more people around this joint. Hey, someone has to stay sane around here right??? What?? it's too late for that? Oh great!

This was the nutcracker for this year. Every year after the ballet, my son gets to choose a nutcracker for our collection. This was the one that made it home with us this year. He's real snazzy and I love the sparkly glitter that bedazzles him up. Oh, I just got the best idea!! Be right back!
And the candy canes that outline our walkway. They were a neat addition to this year's decor.

I'm always sad to take all the decor down, but alas, it happens, and we can't stop it. Sooooo. Onto a new year, new beginnings (thank gooooood ness) and the many wonderful things that the New Year will bring. Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday today to my eldest sissy. Wish I was there with you!!

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