Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Switching methods

They have decided even though Rich has an auto immune disorder, that they are going to change from the plasmopheresis to the immunoglobin treatment. He is having a reaction to it as expected so they are slowing down the treatment for the next five days. He is taking Bendaryl for the reaction and Tylenol for his fever.

Bradley went to visit him today and help him stretch and move his muscles. He said to Bradley,
"Shake my hand. (Bradley did)
Now Shake it like a dude. (where you interlock the fists-I guess)
Now grab tight and take my hand and raise it above my head, and move it around.
Bradley moved his hands around for him so he could get the movement he wanted.
"Aw.... that feels so good."
Bradley has great experience massaging, tired swollen feet of mine. He is quite good at it. He sat at Richard's bed and did this again to Rich as he did yesterday as well. Richards expressions were the same.
"Aww.... that feels sooo good."
Please continue your thoughts and prayers. They are much appreciated.

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Lori F. said...

Bradley has such a tender heart! First going to the airport for Raelyn, now being there for Richard! Give him a big hug for us! Keep us posted, we pray for Richard every day and fasted for him last week! It makes us very grateful for our own health!

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