Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, from our house to yours!!

Our Elf Jack has returned home to help in the giving of Christmas and now we wait for the boys to wake up.

This guy woke at 8 am. Not to shabby. Not to shabby at all. We were thrilled for that. We allowed him to open his stocking and start Christmas while the littlest booger still slept. He was very content with his stocking gifts.

But then when the mother load came, he was sooo darn happy! (nice blue mouth, btw, looks like the fun dip has already been enjoyed. Thanks SC!)

Finally the little one joins us and while he enjoys the gifts that he's opening,

He's just as content to chew on gift tags instead.

While we want to stay in our pajames all day. We should really go and meet with the rest of the family to enjoy Christmas. Afterall, our BIL, and uncle will get to come home today and share this day with the family before returning back to his care home.

This little guy, is just so content to just lay in someone's arms while presents are being opened.
He's still in his jammies as you can see. His new outfit is behind him in the picture, but when he's so content, why bug him right??

and this one's so content running around and getting his energy out playing with cousins.

This little guy was so tuckered out, he feel asleep watching "Ka-chow" as he calls him, typical male fashion. Why oh why does this photo make me laugh everytime I see it??

We had a fabulous Christmas. We are soo loved. We are sooo blessed. I made sure to tell my 6 year old this tonight as we went to bed. It's because we know Christ. It's because we believe in him. Don't you forget that. All this fun, all these presents, all this family that LOVES you, is because of Christ and what he has done for us. There certainly wouldn't be a CHRISTmas without him.
Hope you all had a fabulous day as well. LOVES.

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Alexandra Robertson said...

I want Jackson's PJ!!!AWsome!

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