Monday, January 11, 2010


I had got the privilege to speak in church yesterday. The theme was the plan of happiness. How has Jesus Christ affected your life and what to you do to keep joy in your life?
As I was sitting at my desk this past week, pondering, reading , going over my thoughts, booger #2 walked over and said,
"What are you doing mom?”
“Preparing my talk for Sunday. I have to speak on the Plan of Happiness.”
“Oh, well you’re not very good at that.”
“Well, that’s probably why they asked me to talk about it then.”
These thoughts have ran through my mind over and over this past week. Out of the mouth of babes. Nice.
What am I teaching my son if he doesn’t think that I am happy? I’m not good at “happiness”. I guess it put my life into perspective and I understand that I need to show my son over abundantly I guess, that I AM happy. That life is good, and we are glad to be together as a family.
I'm such a task-oriented person. I am always finishing task A to get to task B. I have always rushed from one point to try quickly to get to the other point. I guess in doings these tasks, I am not finding the joy. I am not living in the "now". That's something Mad Booger is always telling me. "Just enjoy the moment."
" Quit trying to get to the next step."
" Live in the Now." Ok boys, I will work at it.

Thank you little booger, for putting a small perspective back into my life.


jackty0204 said...

How sweet Hope! Thanks for sharing.

ZAC said...

Thanks for sharing these thoughts Hope. I guarantee you are not the only mother who feels this way. I hear pretty much the same thing...almost everyday. And if only my kids could see how they relate to my happiness. For example, I can be SUPER HAPPY at the start of my day but when kid #1 wakes up complaining and #3 whining, my happiness might only last 30 minutes before I need to find it again! What comes around goes around but I too have reach ed the epiphany that I need to show my kids that we have every reason to be happy and grateful (and I definitely need to add patient to that list!!!)

Lori F. said...

Unfortunately I think it's the way we were raised! I try to change my perspective on things almost every day so that I come across as "happy" to my family and friends because "really I am", but happiness to me is a "learned behavior" and I'm still learning!!

Dana said...

I can really relate to this and am trying to do the same thing this year as well.

Hope said...

ZAC- Thank you! Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one, though I know that the thoughts absurd. It's a baby step process.
Lori-true I think. When I'm in the moment, I guess I'm not showing it much. Am trying to do better.
Dana- Good luck with it, I think for us SAHM's it's a thing we will battle with. IDK.

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