Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I think I'm remembering it right. I think it means “goodness gracious”. At least that's what I'm going to say that it means. I heard it many a times, in the car ride in Penza, Russia, when we would have to drive way out in the countryside, an hour or so away to visit with this family. Nikolai would say it over and over in the car, as he would to slam on the brakes, to avoid hitting some animals crossing the street, or he'd look in his rear view mirror and see me and Radebaugh sleeping, he definitely said it the day the axle broke, but it was mostly when he’d "notice" he was running out of gas. Today I say it for the latter one. I feel I am running out of gas.
I can’t get enough sleep.
I am beat. I am tired. I started some antibiotics that we had in the house, today to see if it would help. I was thinking maybe my stuffiness had caused an infection of some sort and that is wearing me down. I usually have an orderly home most of the time. I should be attacking this pile,

or how about this one:

This one is blurred because baby doll yanked my camera, but I kinda like it. Then you can't tell how much is in the pile. How much I'm not cleaning up. Yes those are Christmas ornaments. You gotta problem with that??

I want to just sit and take pictures of my little guy and figure out this new lens I got for Christmas. He didn't get it from them, he got it locally from a camera shop here. But I think I like it now. It’s fun. I feel grateful. My husbands neat. He’s a keeper. (for now at least. Talk to me later tonight, or tomorrow, after I've cleaned up after him for a day or so.)

Hi Boo Boo! My little love bug. My happy boy!

Oh hi Muuuummma (as he calles me)!! There you are.

Just a sec, don't move, I'm coming. (See I can't get it right,shutter speed not fast enough. oh well practice, practice, practice right?)

I can't leave you out of my site. (Boy how I love this kid, but boy, is he a Momma's boy)

I have a present for you!!

A stinky one! Oh, Ok, so that's why you want me. He is really a momma's boy though.

Ok, love, let's go clean you up. Guess my resting time has ended for now. Oh, such is life!

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ToriNRob said...

He is so Adorable! Man..you make cute babies! I love how candid you are on your blog!

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