Monday, January 25, 2010

How did they know???

That this is soooo me?? That they read my mind. That I wanted to rush to the phone and call them and tell them YOU ARE RIGHT!!! Come over PRONTO!!!
I got this in my mail box the other day. I couldn't stop laughing. They got it right on. I think the same thing. While I have people every now and then come and do housework, this is what I want more than anything to have. Someone come and clean my house everyday. Someone to scrub my toilets or better yet, do my dishes. The thing that I absolutely loathe. My dishes. Come put them away and clean them for me. And the never ending laundry. Oh yeah, and my floors.
Is it wrong that I dream about having a completely , totally clean house all at once?? Where everything in the house is in it's proper place and put away. I LOVE days like those. I am getting back there again. It is in the near future. I can see it. My life is getting back to where it was pre- new bouncing baby boy and I am sooo liking it. I am getting really excited about it being so close. I know. I'm sick and wrong and I need help. Tell me something I don't already know.
Anyone else out there just LOVE a clean house? I know a friend that LOVES her clean, vaccuumed floors. She likes the new lines in the carpet. It tickles her fancy. I just like it ALL clean. That's what tickles my fancy. Maybe someone should let mad booger in on that little secret.
What about you? What tickles YOUR fancy? What do you LOVE done in your home?

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Gisela said...

I'd love for someone else to do the dishes. I *HATE* that. I'm trying to get in a better system of cleaning. For instance- every day I wipe down the sinks in my bathroom. It takes 30 seconds to just wipe them down and they look SO much better! I figure baby steps is the key.

I would LOVE for my entire house to just be clean & organized. Maybe when the kids move out.

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