Tuesday, January 12, 2010


No, not me silly. You know that I don't do that. I type so fast I don't have time to go back and fix my errors. I did that typing test. It told me I typed 126 words per minute. I don't know if I believe that, I know I'm fast but not that fast. Anyways, this isn't about typing, it's about typ-os. Or, me thinking that it was a typo. Check this out.

Me and my booger are doing his homework today. They are working on blends in words. Like bl-end. cl-ock. Got it. Ok, so the kids have to read through the words on their paper(or look at the picture) and figure out what bl-end needs to be added to the word. I'm sitting next to him (half asleep as it's my naptime when he gets home) and I hear something come out of his mouth, and I'm like What??? then I look at the page.

I mean, did someone really put this on a page and not think about it?? Are you catching it. Here, here's a closer look.

I mean, I'm a church- goer kind-of girl, so I don't want to corrupt your mind, but are you thinking the same thing I am??

Did someone, anyone, not think that the children would have to read this outloud. My booger wasn't sure what the picture was right away so he had to read it and see what they were trying to get at. It made me chuckle, and I just wondered if it's one of those things someone did on purpose that they thought would be funny, (like all those subliminal messages in Disney movies and on the covers of the videos) or did they just not proofread like.... say..... me??

I don't have to though, I was a science major, not an English major. I wanted to be a Dr. Doctor's don't need to know how to spell,they abbr. everything. Whoever writes these worksheets I thought might need to realize it though. Or maybe they already did. and that's why it's so funny to me. They wanted that. Who knows? Anyway, carry on with your life. Thanks for peeking at ours.


Wendy said...

Too funny, Hope!

Hope said...

I thought it was too Wendy, Maybe one of those, you had to hear it sort of thing!

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