Sunday, January 24, 2010

What the..........Hail???

We've had really bad rain here all last week. Sadly, some of our friends have had damage done to their homes with all this rain. We need the rain badly. We haven't had any moisture this year, but now, our earth doesn't know what to do with it all.
This picture is blurry, I was trying to zoom so I could stay under protection and not get soaked, but you can see a little better the puddles that we have in the streets that the biggest booger was jumping in the other night.

We are in the house doing homework when and all of the sudden it sounded like our house was being attacked. was! The rain had now frozen and turned to hail and it was coming down, and coming down hard!

Can we count this as getting snow?? I mean, it's almost there. It's the closest thing we are going to get I am sure. I just wish it would stick for a little longer and it was stuff we could play in. For a few hours at least, and then it can go away. The grass is actually getting green again thanks to the moisture that we've gotten this week. (No thanks to mad booger, who can't figure out the sprinklers. Still. It's been a year. I figure if I put subliminal messages in here, maybe he'll start doing some of them.) Guess they're not so subliminal when I put in my disclosers huh? Well, I'll keep trying. Maybe someday, something will come out of them. One can dream right?

So I take pictures, the boys and I come back in after all our excitement, and a few minutes go by and then booger goes to the freezer and comes out eating something. I ask...
"What are you eating?"
Him: A popsicle.
Me: a popsicle? We don't have any popsicles.
Him: I know. I made one.
Me: You made one? What is that?
Him. Yeah, I made one. From the hail.
Me: (thinking of germs, diseases and all that) Where did you get that??
Him: Off the patio chairs.
Me: Ok?? Welllllll, I guess you can eat it??
This is what he does. He makes his own popsicles. (Hope it isn't acid rain or anything. )

I guess it's perfect for this little hail-lion. He is so creative and so resourceful. I am one proud momma. {Note for all those concerned with his safety: He did consume all of this popsicle and it's been a few days, so all is good in this hood. }


Neal & Wendy said...

Best face ever. Your kid is hilarious.

ZAC said...

I can't help but find the hail REALLY COOL! And the popsicle...the's pure amazing what kids survive these days! HAHAHAHA!

Sarah said...

Now that is some serious hail... It's rainy like made here tonight. Your little guy is a cutie and looks just like you lady. btw, great blog. ;)

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