Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rained out.......... or in I should say

We've been down with the icky stomach stuff and stuck in the house. I guess it picked a good day to knock us out since it's been raining cats and dogs out there. Positive thing about this= I'm down 3 pounds in 2 days. Negative thing about this=the boogers are totally stir crazy from being in the house for 2 and a half days. But when I look at the postive to this, I think it outweighs it yes??

So the oldest booger said please, please let me go play out in the rain. And at this point I said, please, please go play in the rain.

It didn't last long. He's definitely a California kid through and through. He started shouting "I'm freezing!", before I could even get a picture and I shouted "Quit being a wuss. Get back out there in the puddle so I can take a picture. " Ok, not really like that, but sort of, maybe, kind of.

To which he replied."I'm c-c-c-coooolllldd!! I want to take a shower!! "

We are ready for the warmer weather to come back how 'bout you?? So is vintage pearl. If you head on over to her blog, she is giving away a necklace to launch spring. Though doesn't it go, April showers bring May flowers. Maybe we're not so ready for spring. But check her blog out anyway. Her stuff is simply adorable!

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