Friday, March 5, 2010

Before Kids

Before kids, I thought I knew about children.

Before kids, I thought I knew how to raise them.

Before kids, I thought I didn't get enough sleep.

Before kids, I never knew how much my heart could grow.

Before kids, I didn't think I could touch other peoples poop, boogers, or ooey, gooey faces. (and find joy in doing it)

Before kids I didn't think kid's meal prices were "outrageous".

Before kids, I thought they needed a lot of "things" to have a good, fun life.

Before kids, I don't think I ever helped out a mom that was struggling. (Besides maybe a relative)

Before kids, I don't think I ever let a mom go in front of me at the store.

Before kids, I didn't understand how you could love someone soooo much!

Before kids, I didn't know which stores have automatic doors.

Before kids, I don't think I laughed or cried as much.

Before kids, I thought I was a pretty giving person.

I know now that kids don't need much. Love goes a long way.

I know now that kids are pretty simple really.

I know that kids want their parents around for the most part.

I know that sometimes moms need an extra hand, because they aren't superman.

I know that when I am out and about, and I see a mom, or dad needed help, I try to do what I can. (Especially if I am sans children)

I hope that when I travel today, by myself, I will be more aware of those with kids and let them go first.

I hope that I can be more conscious of those moms with children in tow that are by themselves.

I hope that my kids miss their momma.

I know that their momma will miss them.


Bikmans said...

Awesome post! So many good points. I hope you have a fabulous time.

Sarah said...

Ahhh. What a sweet mom you are. Have a good nice journey.

threeboogers said...

Thanks girls. It was a great trip!
Pics later.

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