Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Egg-cellent week ahead!

Little Doo Doo Easter last year 2009

Here were are.
Fastly approaching the weekend.
I can't believe Easter is almost here. (I've got to take the kids for their annual Easter Bunny picture. It's our tradition, dye Easter Eggs, make and eat lots of deviled eggs, oh the list goes on!)
Spring has come, flowers are blooming (allergies are driving me crazy) It has been 80 degrees here.
I've had to turn on the air conditioner already a few times when I think, "It's hot" and see that the thermostast agrees and it's 78 degrees.
I'm not ready for hotter weather already. It never seemed to really get chilly here this year.
Awww.... the downfalls of life in Southern California. It's rough I tell ya. I do like a little bit of a change though, and I like the boots, sweaters and scarfs that come with colder weather.
Ok, so it's about the clothes I guess that I like. No surprise for me!
I like the spring clothes though too. Or lack thereof, I guess is more correct.

So these pictures that I took last year of Boo Boo, are popping up on our other computer in the screen saver. I totally forgot that I took them.
I "tried" to do a little photo session of my baby at Easter. He was 2 or 3 weeks old and wasn't really excited about what I was doing with him. It was short lived and the "session" if I can even call it that, was over.
The pictures aren't good at all. I couldn't focus, because I was worried about hurting him, he was crying and he obviously was uncomfortable, (well yeah! @@) But looking back, I'm glad I have them. All 5 of them. It's so weird to see them soooo little. I miss that. Even all scrunched up and crying. Look at those lips. That little nose. Awwww....
He was not content for awhile and still unhappy, but after picking him up and putting him near me, he was fine. He still likes to be near me and close to me, especially when sleepy. Not much has changed in that department.

In celebration of Springtime and Easter, which means new births and blossoms. Let's have a giveaway. I have 3 eggs. Filled with my favorites things at this time of year. One will be filled with candy (like cadbury mini eggs, whopper eggs and chocolates (See's, my favorite),
One will be a filled with a $30 gift card to Target, because I have to keep returning to that place often to get things I forgot this year, and the other..........hmmm. How about just some green grass?? or green cash! That works right??
How to enter. Tell me what your favorite thing is about Easter if you celebrate. Or what you like to eat on this holiday. (Do you swarm around the deviled eggs like me??)
If you don't celebrate Easter, tell me what you like about Spring. Cool?
There will be 2 winners. I will post the winners and they will pick their number of Egg. 1,2, or 3.
Giveaway will end Thursday at 5 pm PST. One entry per person, though you can blog, twitter, or facebook about it and come back here and tell me with the link, for additional entries.


Nutty Mom said...

Aw I love your pictures! Very sweet to have.

My favorite thing about Easter? Well, we've always done an Easter egg hunt at my parents house. When we were little growing up, we always had it. When we all got older and moved out, we still had it (for us GROWN kids!). The filling of eggs transformed from candy, to dollar bills over time, and I think at the last egg hunt we had nearly 250 eggs for like 5 people to hunt! The best part though was always seeing how many eggs my parents forgot where they hid. They'd turn up all year long and it was always good for a laugh.

Bar 7 Ranch said...

There are SO many things I LOVE about Easter! I love Spring Time, shopping for Easter clothes for the kiddos, filling their baskets for Easter morning, deviled eggs, and searching for that LUCKY EGG!!! Your pics are beautiful!

Gisela said...

So much I love about Easter. Food- pineapple stuffing FOR SURE! And I also enjoy the egg hunt. Not for my kids (well, yeah I like that) but when my hubby's family gets together and all of us grown kids hunt for eggs. We act like children and have fun!

Lori F. said...

My favorite thing about Easter when my kids were younger was always the new Easter outfits! ( Can you tell Hope and I are related?!?) Now that they are teenagers, I absolutely love the reflection on our Savior and his atoning sacrifice for us!!

Dana said...

My favorite thing about Easter is doing the kids Easter Baskets. My parents get them lots of candy so I do more trinkets and toys. It's kind of an excuse to get them the little things I've been eyeing throughout the year since we don't really buy toys randomly. This year I used my various gift cards from prescription transfers and that worked out really well!

Dana said...

blog entry!

It's me!....Jill said...

My favorite thing about Easter is being with family. Easter egg hunts. I also love the special time we share with the family before the kids go and get their Easter baskets. We talk about the Savior and the true meaning of Easter.

It's me!....Jill said...

Just tweeted it!

Rachel said...

I love all the flowers that come out around easter!! I love spiral hams and scalloped potaotes too!!!

Rachel A said...

I facebooked about your wonderful contest! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000971793031#!/profile.php?id=1043107190&ref=nf

Rachel said...

I tweeted about you... tweet tweet!!!


And I blogged about your sweetness!!

sharon said...

Trying again. My favorite thing about Easter is celebrating that Christ rose from the grave. What an amazing gift Easter brings! I love the new beginning of life all around during spring. Birds, flowers. I also love how the weather will only get better!

Jen Lovmo Photography said...

Spending time with my family, but most of all, celebrating what Jesus did for me!

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