Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

I am so good at this. I don't mean to be. I just am. It's a fault of mine that I am trying to work on. Well, this day was no exception.

I just so happen to come onto this blog, what had to be seconds, or minutes after Bakerella posted this. There was one comment in front of me, so I hurriedly commented to get the other team prize and was sooo excited!! Then I realize that my comment is not coming through. Oh well! By the time I realized this, others have of course commented and what's done is done.

I post a comment (again) wondering if the site is having problems, or is it me, because my comment did not come up. (No, this is not the stupid part yet.) So I leave the house to run an errand or something, and that night when I check my emails there is one from Bakerella! She says something along the lines of, "I'm so sorry. Your comment went to my spam folder. I can send you a cup instead, with the Colts insignia that is all I have left football related."

And you know what I reply back??? Well what I should have said was. Great! Cool! I'd love it. Thank you so much, here is my mailing address! (She asked for it in the email.)

Instead, do you know what I said?

"Oh that's. Ok. I am not really a Colts fan, I wanted to get that other set for a friend who loves the Colts. His wife is a baker like you, and I knew that she would be able to use those decorations and make something really cute with them."

Then told her I think she's amazing and she does great work.

I am so lame!! Why did I tell the truth? Or be so dumb?? It bugs me often, that I didn't let her send me something. I should have been polite, taken what she offered, as I'm sure it's hard to win things from her, and shut my mouth, but stupid me, lame me, says "That's OK!!"


Take a lesson from me. When people offer you something, just take it! And say Thank you!!

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