Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Treats

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I wanted to make some easy treats that we could take to my church friends and our neighbors. One had a birthday on Monday so I thought cupcakes would be a good thing since it's birthday like, and Easter stuff for Bubba as well, to have fun with and decorate. I used Rainbow Chip cake mix, since it looks like Easter inside and will be great once you bite into them.

I used this recipe for frosting. It was good, but not THE best as claimed. Though I am more of a buttercream kind of girl and this tastes more like whipped cream to me, so that's probably why. It's good though.
Here are cute marshmellow bunnies that Target had for .98 a package. They are soo cute and you can do some many different things with them, for less than a buck, I had to grab some.

You can make them Kiss. Bubba didn't really like that. How come kids don't like to see adults kissing, or anything of the like?? I think it's sweet, they think it's GROSS!! LOL

Me and Mad Booger
Or you can make a family out of them. Here I am with my 2 little guys.

And these were in the dollar section(same place, Target) so I grabbed them too. I am not a big peeps fan, nor do I like marshmellows, (you wouldn't think that would you??) except in krispie treats or hot cocoa, but I had to get them. I thought they could be really cute. They had blue and pink, but of course with boys, I went with the blue ones.

Grab some coconut, put in a plastic baggie with some green food coloring and shake it up. And there you go!! Easy grass.
Here are all of them on plates. (More things from Tar ge, as I call it)

My mom got me these cute Easter confetti eggs from Williams Sonoma a couple of years ago, and I have never put them to use. It was time. You can cover a whole cupcake with them, or sprinkle them around, for a few eggs in the grass. I tried both ways.

Different variations of what we made.

If you don't like coconut, you can just use sprinkles, or colored sugar crystals for your grass. I had these green ones on hand, so I used them.

I guess I have something for bunnies. I didn't realize that I did until yesterday and saw just how much I do things around Easter with bunnies. Or how many I have in my house. Bunny pictures and bunny books. Bunny decorations. We have quite the bunny collection. It's a spring thing right?? Tell me it's not just me?

I saw these guys at a home decorator store when I was up at my sister's earlier this month and I had to get them. I got the only 2 that were left. They represent my 2 little guys. Aren't they cute?? I loved the bow ties, and the overalls with the buttons. They spoke to me and I had to take them home. They had a whole family, (which I am now wishing that I would've gotten, but my sister said, just get the 2 little guys.) I shouldn't have listened to my older sister. The whole family was adorable!! Oh well. Less in the house, and that is what I am trying to accomplish, so I guess she did know better.

Go and make some Easter treats for your party this weekend, or for your neighbors, or just for your family. They are really cute and fun and sure to please!

We are going to take our Easter Bunny pics today as well as make this Easter bunny cake like she has on her blog. See a bunny trend??
My mom had this same pattern, and I remember doing it when I was younger. I have it frozen in the freezer, so we'll frost and decorate this afternoon, after pictures, or maybe even after dinner tonight. I'll show you the results tomorrow.
and maybe our little bunny collection too..............maybe.


Dana said...

those are awesome and put my pooping peep cupcakes to shame!

threeboogers said...

Oh they do not! Thank you though.

Sharon said...

Hope your treats are awesome. I wish I could pop over and eat one!
Great job. You make me miss being able to stay home and do those things. :-( Those days went by to fast.

Sarah said...

These are adorable. Ours are not this decorated but still yum, to yum actually.

threeboogers said...

I wish you could too Sharon! I would make you a dozen.
They do go by fast!! Too fast most days.
Thanks Sarah. I didn't even eat one actually, so I don't know how yum they were but I thought they were presentable and worthy to be handed out.

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