Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chuck E Cheese's.......Where a kid can be a kid!

Ok, I promised more pictures from CEC. Since I am a girl that keeps her word, here they are. Picture loaded post for sure!

A game of skeeball. My favorite! I make him play it at least once, so it's not just tickets and video games. I'm soo mean, huh?

and then, he's off............ to the more important things.

"Hey Brother, where are you going?"

Brother?? Oh,Hi mom! But I'm looking for brother.

Off to find him!

Oh! Here you are!

Let's go try the kiddie area, Boo Boo. I think you'll like it more.

Walking, walking, over there.........

Oooooooo, this is cool! (Oh, no! Not you too!)

Hi Mom!! Just playing with these gophers.

A little help from brother. Oh! Thanks Bro!

Now I get it!

I think I'm done with this. OK, Yeah, I'm outta here!

And what's this??

"A quick drink back and I'll be back to business."

Ah, yes! This is the face of one committed gamer.

You know what they say about video games right??

Here it is, in full effect.

Hey, Can I ride like brother is?"

"You say it's time to go home?? Ok. Yeah!! Home!!"


Bikmans said...

How fun and oh your boys are sooooo cute!

ZAC said...

I love how intent they are on the games...especially your oldest! You are such an amazing person. I just thought you should hear that.

threeboogers said...

Thanks Bikmans! We heart this place. I agree with you, but of course, their mine.

ZAC- I know, it's kinda scary actually, he's in the zone. You are so sweet. How do you know I needed that. I don't feel so amazing sometimes, but THANK YOU! (and I just realized now, that you have a blog too, so I will follow)

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