Friday, March 26, 2010

Birthday Parrrtay!

Someone turned one!! So we had a little get together celebration.

Lest you think the cake eating pictures were all the pictures I was going to share, they were not. It's just been a busy busy week, so I needed something quick. Here are pictures of the party and how it went down.

Before the guests (aka fam damily) arrived, I took a picture of the treats table. I took this picture to remember all the sweat and energy I put into this.

It was mostly because of these bad boys. Bakerella made it look sooo easy. Cha-right! 2 days folks. 2 days.

I did Elmo and a lighter Cookie Monster first (didn't have the dark blue candy melts at our Michaels) and since they were pretty easy, it built my confidence to give the other two a whirl. Let's just say, it's harder than it looks. But since I put all the energy into them, they went out on the table as well.

It looked better with all the colors anyways.

His elmo cake. That I later decided wasn't going to be just his. There was too much cake here to let him have it all to himself. He is only one afterall.

I didn't take a picture of the island, where the food sat. There wasn't near as much time put in, and well, I forgot. It all came upon me, so suddenly.

After we ate,and chatted, it was time to sing Happy Berfday! Birthday boys daddy to the left, and his grandma (daddy's mom) holding him.

I tried practicing with him for a few days to blow the candle out, but it wasn't working. He was getting more and more scared of the fire on the candle.

By the time I took this picture, he lasted about 3 more seconds and then flipped out and started crying. So his brother or dad blew it out. I'm not sure which one actually got it.

After cake and ice cream we played a little game. The babies had no blind folds.

But 3 and up did.

And they liked it. It was fun for them.

Then Brother goes. Even to play a "baby" game.

Then it was Boo Boo's turn. He was preoccupied before hand with his cake, but now he was ready!

Lastly, it was time to gather round for present opening time.

Everyone pull up a chair! or floor, or couch.

Aunts, uncles, grandma and cousins.

Everyone helps and opens.

He's not sure what to make of all the commotions and goods. (Now I get what you were saying Heidi about my hair. You should've just reached over and fixed it. )
And because my husband was taking pictures. That's all there is to share folks. I want to keep this a nice, fun, family place and I just can't if I put anymore pictures up of opening presents. Let's just say, someone should have TOLD me, my tank was sooo low!

Here is my BIL. This one. He is doing sooo much better and almost back to "normal". He is back at work which is just RAD, any way you look at it!

My sister & her family. Ok, it's just her, the dog and her fiance. But that dog. That dog gets more treatment and care then some people, and he is just spoiled!! Good thing Wiley Bear is soo cute!

It was a really great time. I feel so thankful and blessed for family that we love, and love us. For being caring and generous and they come and help,and clean up (when they have a million other things they could be doing) and are a part of our lives, and support us in what we do. Thank you! Thank you xoxo.

Happy 1st Birthday Boo Boo! We ALL love you!


Nutty Mom said...

I LOVE that last picture. Gorgeous! And great job with all the birthday goodies! And the fact that you blogged about his b-day. I took so many pics at Donut's I don't think I ever got around to posting her birthday pictures. Sad.

Sarah said...

What an adorable party. Is his birthday actually March 26th? If so we share a great day together. :)
Thanks for all of your kind words Hope. It is so nice to have friends and support. It means so much to me and my family.
You'll have to post pics of your boys rooms. I love all things kids...

Lori F. said...

Kudos for putting so much work into that cake and monster head balls of some sort! You rock, mama!

Bikmans said...

First of all, how adorable is your son!!! I want to pick him up and kiss and squeeze him.

Second, why did you not pass any of your mad skills down to your daughter. WOW!! The cake and cake balls are incredible. The pictures are darling.

threeboogers said...

NM. Thank you! That was toward the end of the night, and it was one of my favorite too! It's a lot of work I tell ya! You know that though.

Sarah,It's not ON the 26th, that just may have been when it was posted, but he's close. And I'll try with their rooms. That's asking too much though. LOL

Thanks Lori, it was MUCH effort. But I'm glad I did it after all was said and done.

Bikmans, he is pretty stinkin adorable!! I kid, I kid. I told you I'm not joking about an arranged marriage. I got 2 boys, you'll have 2 girls. It can work.
Ummm, you teach me photography, I'll teach you my mad skills. Deal?

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