Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

{Artwork done by my 6 year old. 1st grade. March 2010}

No underwear don't count. I always hated that one as a kid. People would try and pull that one. And if you ask to see them, then YOUR the one that gets in trouble. Green eyes are no good either. You have to WEAR green, where it can be seen, you'll figure out in a cinch, when you feel that pinch, that you had better wear green, or it will be an awful scene.

K, Just came up with that off the top of my head. Hey, I never claimed to be a poet. Or a writer , soo Ha!

Anyways, (I was up wayyy to early for me today, can you tell?)

Our leprachaun came and brought the boys gifts .

Well, it was from me,and they know it was from me, but it's fun to say leprachaun. Ooo, say it again. (says it) oooo! (That's from a famous kids movie, BTW, do you know it? no leprachaun part is in it of course, but the other stuff.

Then I made shamrocks for breakfast! oops, that does NOT look like a shamrock.

Sheesh. Hey I never claimed to be an artist either. (I wonder what I am????)

Ok, that's a little better.

We were having so much fun this morning, that I forgot to take a picture, and well we didn't have time either, of Bubba in his get up. I'll have to do that when he gets home. He looks CUTE!! But then again, most of the time I think he is.

{Oh you should see his new "do". I'm not a fan of it. I like his hair a little longer, but whilest I was away, he found scissors and well, he had to had it fixed, so off went the hair. I took some pictures of the ordeal. They will come later.}

Ok, rambling again, so it's past the deadline now for the giveaway. I was thinking I wanted to do an old famous hat drawing and put all ya'lls name in (I don't even know how to spell that, guess I need to ask my Texas friends.) and have Bubba draw one. So we will probably do that later on today.

Hope you all have a splendid day! Don't get pinched. hehe


Bar 7 Ranch said...

Hope you pick me!! I am from Texas! Y'all is actually Y'all because it is a combination of "you" and "all". :) but I usually spell it ya'll!

threeboogers said...

So is all y'alls the right way to spell it then?
Do Texans even say that?? Probably just this Californian.

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