Friday, March 12, 2010

Cleaning Tips

  1. Clean the shower or bath while you are in it. Of course if you do my other tip and shower or bathe with the kids, then this is NOT a good idea. Repeat; do NOT do this with children. Of course I guess unless your cleaning supplies are organic and kid friendly, but if they are not, spray down the shower before you go in, I let it wait maybe five minutes and then I go in and scrub it down and then scrub myself.

Kills two birds with one stone, in my opinion.

  1. Schedules?

People ask if I have a schedule with my cleaning. I don't really. By Monday the house needs to be put back together after the weekend and boys have been home, (AKA older son and husband) so that is pretty much what my Monday consists of, but for me, I don't schedule out my cleaning, because then it gets mundane I think and turns into work and not fun. Yes cleaning for me is fun in a sense. It releases things that make me feel good and I like the result of something, anything, after it has been cleaned.

I like to do things by rooms more so. I do it when I see the need. I will vacuum, dust, pick up, organize, and clean a certain room all at once. Then I can move onto another room, and by the end of the week, I've gone through the whole house. I like to see an accomplishment, so just vacuuming the whole house and dusting it, I can't necessarily "see" a difference. If I do a room, I can. I like visually seeing, WOW! This looks soo much better!! Make sense? K. Cool.

And my 3rd and final tip is: Turn on some music to help, but more importantly, do it at a time that is good for you. Early in the morning, or once my older son is off to school and I have the baby home, is my good time. I can clean away for a few hours, while the baby is up, and then while he naps. For me, this is a good time. I can also pick up or clean later at night, when the kids and hubby are asleep, thus, no interruptions! But sometimes I just want to rest and veg by myself, so if I wait until then, it doesn't always get done. Afternoons, I am TIRED, and kids and hubby are coming home and so it's not the best time for me. Pick a time slot for you that works, and do it then, and make it enjoyable, and upbeat with music, TV, or movie in the background. Something that will get you moving!!

Ok, that is all for now, Enjoy and Happy Cleaning!!

PS. St. Patty's is right around the corner, so look out for a Green, Green, Green Giveaway!

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