Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A birthday celebration

I am soo sad about this picture darn it. I sooo wish it would have been in focus. But, I am a learner and trying to figure out all the settings and get the colors right and balanced and light and all that mumbo jumbo, that I guess my f stop was too low?? Is that what happened? That's what I'm thinking. Or, I was too close and it isn't a macro lens and so it blurred.
Hangin' with his da da. Before we "started" the celebration.

Cupcake eating. (Yes, I realize that he had an Easter bib on.) It hit me, half way through cupcake eating time. I had to run and get the birthday bib and change it.

Once I realized it, I was mortified. At least, he's kinda close to being an Easter baby. So I'm not tooo far off.

Just a little sneak off the bazillion of pictures I got at cake eating time. He went to town. I decided a cupcake would be the better option. Such a waste (imo) to throw a whole cake down there, big or small, and let them go at it.
This worked really good. (and he got 2 of them, since I had to change bibs and start again.)

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