Monday, March 8, 2010

West End girls??

No, this picture has nothing to do with West End girls. I just needed to post a picture of my little doo- doo doo- doo , dooo-doo00 (say it really fast, then you'll get how we call him) Before I posted something again sans photos. I LOVE him!

Ok, now to my question.
What does this mean? The Pet Shop boys song I mean.

On the way to the store last night, this song came on the radio.
When I was younger I thought it was West- “Ern” girls.
And it made sense. Western town with denim walls……
But what is west end? I don’t get it. Maybe I should google it?

It reminded me of my sister who told us about her sister-in-law that thought the song said, “Hit the beef square!” You know, the Huey Lewis’ song, Hip to be square. And the other famous song we all got a laugh at, “Tonight you call my breast line nice!”
You know, there were some BAD things about the 80's. Really bad. But some of my favorite songs, still to this day, are from the 80's. Maybe it's the reminiscing of my childhood, or memories of my siblings listening to them, but I am fond of many of the 80's songs still. They were so pure. So sweet, so in love. It's hard to find, real, true feeling songs like that now I think.

I bet there are a bunch of songs I still sing incorrectly, but I guess I’ll never know. Unless of course, I’m singing it out loud somewhere, someday and someone looks at me and says, WHAT???? Are you singing??
I’d probably figure it out then, that I was singing it wrong I mean.

You got any good ones?? Do you sing a song totally incorrect and want to share? I'd love to laugh.

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Dana said...

"western town with DEMIM walls" I finally get it! I always thought it said "dead-end walls". I can't think of any right now, but there are a couple of songs that drive me nuts because I can't figure out the words.

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