Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Uncanny truths of Motherhood- Kid Quips

This is going down in my motherhood book of quotes. Little eyes shouldn't read. haha J/K
Feeding Mr B tonight and my other son comes up and cuddles with me and wants to lay his head on my chest. As he puts his arms around me and gets close to them, I say, "Ummmm Hello?? away from my boobs bud, that's not appropriate. "
Him- "Mom, we shouldn't call them that, that's not appropriate probably. Let's call them something else.
Me- What?? boobs??? We shouldn't say that?
Him- No, it's kinda not appropriate. Let's call them....................your pretty fancy shops. That's good. Say, stay away from my Pretty fancy shops.
Me starting to laugh in hysterics. Oh, son! You are funny.
Him- Oh and Mom. Your fancy shops make you look beautiful.
Me- laughing even more trying not to wet my pants and fall on the floor.
I love this kid.
Where does he come up with these things?? He is sooo much like his dad.

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ForLikeEver said...

Hope, this post made me laugh until I cried, literally! Who is this rad kid and when can I meet him? If he is anything like you then I'm sure I will be rolling on the floor in laughter. I love it! Thanks for sharing!
xoxo Ryan

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