Monday, February 15, 2010

Mother/ Son conversation

My son knows I am losing weight, or at least trying. He knows that “soon I’ll be skinny” is what I tell him, when he comments on my jiggly belly.
Hey! I just had a wrestling buddy for you little dude, give me a break Sheesh. {My “just” is turning into a year soon now, but it’s only been 3 months since I stopped breast feeding and that’s what I am going off OK?? Cut me some slack please.}
So I am in my room and ready to go out to a dinner, and I am in heels and jeans so I look taller and the jeans make me look smaller, and he tells me:
Him: Mom, just don’t lose too much weight. Your pants will just fall down if you get too skinny.
Me: No son, that’s when you buy smaller jeans.
Him: (Totally ignoring what I said) See, you’re this big right now [Put his hands on either side of my waist to measure]
I just want you to be “this” size. [Moves his hands in maybe 3 inches]
Me: Well, I think I want to be a little smaller than that son, but we’ll see.
Him: Well just don’t get to skinny, because I like you the way you are, all pretty and nice, but you have just a little flubby stuff, (giggling) but then you’ll be perfect. I love you momma. (HUGS ME)
Me: Awww, you’re so sweet now, what happened?? Hehe (Laughing): I love you too doo-doo.

I guess I should really stop saying out loud how I hate my jiggly gut. He’s going to have weight issues when he grows up. That will probably be the least of my worries though. You don’t ever realize how much you say certain things until your kids are mimicking it back to you.
OK, from here on out I will say, “I am wonderful! I am beautiful and people LOVE me Gosh darn it!”
Will that work?


Neal & Wendy said...

Shoot, I do the opposite. I bottle it up, and don't talk to anyone about it! I just started blogging about my "flubbies" which helps some. Jackson is the funniest kid. You're a good mom.

Bikmans said...

What a darling little guy and such a cute conversation. Cadbury mini-eggs are the best product EVER made!

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