Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weight Loss Journey

I have got to lose some weight. I am on a journey. It’s going to be long, well OK, four months long, for right now. That’s my short goal. My sister gets married in four months. Ten pounds a month isn’t too hard to ask right?? Well it wouldn’t be if girls scout cookies weren’t coming out, Valentine’s candy wasn’t lurking all around me, Disneyland trips weren’t made. I tell ya, I am doomed! Oh and then Easter is around the corner and do you know what that means?? These bad boys come out. Oh, man, They kill me. I have got to be strong. I’m gonna do it. I am just going to have to workout harder to counteract all the things I want to eat. No, that's not a good idea, I just need to say no!! Why oh why is food so good to eat? Why is it so yummy?

Anyone want to join me? Wanna do it together?

I may document it, and take pictures, not share them though. Or, maybe when I don’t look like that anymore I will. LOL, I am not sure about that. I’ve already lost 20 (that was all breastfeeding weight) but around the holidays I didn’t worry about it too much and January was just a blur to me. With the stomach ickies that helped. Dropped 3 pounds without wanting or trying. Gotta love that! If I post it here, I’m thinking I’ll be more accountable, than I’ll HAVE to do it. I want to already, but it will make me want it even more, it will make those that see me ask about it, and tell me to stop shoveling the samoas in my mouth. So here I go…………………Submitted.


Gisela said...

I hear ya. I'm trying to shed weight, too. And it isn't baby weight. I manage to lose that. And gain it all back. UGH. I'm down about 10 pounds so far. I don't recommend getting a stomach bug though...it isn't fun.

Sarah said...

I hear ya.. I am still trying to get back to my pre preggers weight. I was doing great but put about 8 lbs on during the holidays. You know I always read you're more accountable if you are reporting to someone...sooooo I'd love to help one another if you're up for it. not sure how to...

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