Friday, February 19, 2010

What's in a name??

You ask? So glad that you did!

I’ve been thinking about this as I got an email from Bubba boogers church teacher that they were going to talk about the children’s names and wanted to know where we came up with his name.
I bet a lot of people are wondering where I came up with the name of this blog. Right?? Ok, No?? Well, I’ll tell you. I’m cool like that.

Boogers?? Ewwww.............. why boogers?
It’s not those boogers.
It’s more a term of endearment for us. Like “Baby”, boo-boo-, doo-doos, ca-ca stinky, all those weird made up names. That is what we use around our house. My husband’s made most of them up. He’s the weird one.
So here’s where the name comes from.
(Pull up a chair)
Back in high school, hubby was a wrestler. They called him Mad booger. It’s a play on his name. He is not a mad person no, that’s not what it means, that was his name. and then it got dropped to just be “booger”. Coach still calls him that btw. So, to many people out in his world, he is “booger”, that’s who he is. Now that he has offspring running around they are boogers too!
I am NOT a booger. I am just boogers wife. And some boogers mommy, I suppose.
So that is where we get our name just in case y’all were dyyyyying to know, and you couldn’t sleep at night.

I’ll post later on where my name came from. My given name. But that’s a long one. You may need a tissue. Ok, I guess only if you’re my mom and I. Well, maybe some others too.


Gisela said...

Oooh...I wanna hear where your name came from. Hurry up with that post. I'll be harassing you now! lol

Janeen said...

That's cool to know. I kind of wondered why you'd go with "booger" as a name.

ForLikeEver said...

I'm anxiously awaiting the story of how you got your name :)

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