Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My BFF (Best friend forever- in case you didn’t know) came to visit me. A couple weeks ago I went and visited her and her baby girl if you remember. She brought her little baby girl of course so I could love on her, and smell her again. (Of course I got only one picture, and then my battery died, sheesh, I am NOT doing good with this camera thing lately!)
My MIL and her.

She has known me the closest and longest of any one on this planet. (Well of course not longer than my family members I guess, but probably much closer. There were years we were inseparable) We have been best friends since I was 15, right before my 16th birthday. Gosh, we were babies now that I look back. And now we have babies. Wow, has life turned around from where we were 17+ years ago and come full circle. She celebrates her birthday this weekend. I said to her “ J- Do you realize that officially now, I have known you half your life? How weird is that? How crazy is that? Did you ever think we would get to this point in our life?”
We both agreed that life is sooo much better now. We are both glad that we are where we are today. (well, for the most part, all things considered) The things that you worry about as a teenager, rarely even cross your mind as a mom in your 30’s. The things that you want for yourself are few and far between and more so you want for your children. I hope my kids have friends like her. A friend that they can tell everything to, a friend that will be there for them, for anything, and a friend that is true.

She was in my wedding.

May 2001

and I was in hers. (Pregnant I might add, very pregnant. This is all I have of us, I need a better picture J, maybe of us looking at the camera. LOL)

Feb. 2009

We were not always close in distance. She went to school in Hawaii and I lived in Russia, so we were a globe apart sometimes, but we were always close in our hearts. We could go years without seeing each other, but as soon as we did, it was like we were never apart. I cherish her so much and know that she is so special. I hope you have a wonderful, magnificent, birthday James!! I love you!
And I’m serious about an arranged marriage. I think out of my 2 boys, your little girl could fall in love with one of them?? We’ll talk again about this in 10 years, K?

I hope that you all out there have special friends, friends that you can count on. They are what makes your sad days happier and adds to the joy in your life. If you don’t have one, go out and make some. Go meet someone that you can be close to. They keep life full and exciting.


Dana said...

How lucky are you both! My bff and I have been friends since age 13, we too are incredibly lucky.

Gisela said...

LOVE the post about your BFF! I don't know what I'd do without mine! We've been friends for 25+ years! I can't remember life without her!

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