Thursday, February 4, 2010

House Cleaning Surprise Secret Giveaway

My post about keeping a house clean" How do they know", was a secret giveaway and the one and only comment was the winner!!
Congrats Gisela, contact me at threeboogers at gmail dot com to win your free house cleaning up to $75.00!
Don't just read secretly, leave comments and you could be a winner!
A few of my tips are to do daily cleaning and pick up constantly, ok maybe not constantly, but often. Instead of just taking a trip up stairs or down empty handed, take something with you and put it away. I only have one story so when I go to the back of the house, (it's SOOO huge too! LOL) I take things with me that are in the front of the house. Try and keep the dishwasher empty and always keep filling it, when it's full, start the load and unload and put away asap. Notice I say try, I myself don't always do it, there are some days, when I just DON'T want to pick up and clean and you've seen my full sink on here. I do the same with laundry. One or 2 loads a day, will keep the laundry monster away!

I think we all love a clean house, or most of us do anyway.

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Bar 7 Ranch said...

I love the idea of never walking around the house empty handed. I "try" myself to live by that and I am also getting better and better at doing laundry DAILY! ;)

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