Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here's a few more tips on cleaning & organizing

Hope you enjoy them and it helps save time or effort somewhere along the way.


FIFO- “first in first out” in the cupboards and pantry. I do stack the same kinds on top of each other or behind each other to rotate the food use. What is oldest gets used first and then you know what’s in your cupboard without going through everything.
Bath time- double up kids to shower and bathe together. If they ages or genders work you can kill two birds with one stone. For me with the baby, I bathe with him or him with me. Once a baby can sit in the chair by themselves, have them get in with you. This was shared with me by my friend Jill and it saved me with my first, when I was afraid to be out of his sight. Bath time got both of us clean and time spent together having fun. I know take my little booger in the shower with me. He sits and plays at one end, while I take an actual shower, not the 2 minute rinse offs, I’ve never been a fan of those, and we are both happy. Then once I’m done, I pick him up, and wash and bathe him. Layout their clothes, lotions and diapers beforehand so when you get out, they can get dressed right away.
Delegate the responsibilities-“chores” Didn’t you hate that word as a child? Now I get it though as a mom. It’s too much to do it all yourself, and your kids need to be taught to work and understand responsibility too. Start with little things for the young-ins. My first boogers first task was putting his underwear and socks away. He had two drawers for each, and after laundry was done, and I made a pile for him, he knew it was his time to put his things away. Now he can put most of his clothes away as he got older. He can also empty the dishwasher, set the table, and LOVES to use the vacuum. Sweet for me, fun for him!
If charts work for your child, make a chart so they can see what they are “in charge” of or responsible for. Kids enjoy accomplishing things and feel pride in taking care of their things. Chuck E Cheese dot com has great charts to use for kids awards.
We pay for “extra” chores that are done throughout the house. Some kids will do more, some none and that’s ok. (Unless you’re like us and only have one that can really do chores, then maybe it’s not so OK.) It’s like the sales force out in the world. Teach them that work =pay. As much extra work that they do , they will be rewarded. Pay a dollar, .50 cents, $5 per task. Whatever works in your household. It also helps them to be responsible and start to understand the value of money. (Tips soon on teaching kids about money)

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Gina said...

I'm glad to hear that others shower with their kids too! But it's soooo not fun when they decide they want to be held--Um hello, i'm nekkid and have shampoo in my hair!...Other than that, I definitely need to get Jacob to start doing chores too. How old were your kids when you started paying them for chores?

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