Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today's things

Down three pounds this morning!! WOOO HOOO Can you hear that from where you are at? It was loud. It was a happy yell. Since Sunday when I weighed, I am down 3 pounds this morning. I've been working out hard so that feels good. Just .........what....???? 37 more to go right?? Gosh, will I ever get there? I know I will, it will just be later rather than sooner.
I did a good pilates workout this morning, then some strength training and that was the end of my "good" day.
It hasn't been a bad day, Boo Boo is just not napping and wants on my hip. Not really like him. He's good to play on his own and explore. I realized that he's teething about 1 o clock. His back teeth are coming in. So he hasn't been so pleasant today, but I can take one day. Or a couple I guess if that's what it's going to be.
He also found the "Stuff" under the sink today, Guess it's time to move the "poisons" to the upper cupboard. It's so weird to have to worry about things like that again. It's been so long. It's really weird. But it's a nice weird.
I think that's about all. He's a mover and a cruiser and getting and finding more and more each day. He's getting really comfortable on his feet. I think walking is in his near future. (insert sad mommy face here.)
Oh and he had his first cookie today. I felt bad for him. With his teeth and all. So when I baked cookies for big brother before he got home for school, I let him have one. Now he needs to get all that sugar out of his body. Poor kid.
Ok. Now, that is all!
Have a great evening! Happy Hump Day. (Meaning it's the middle of the week.)
Nothing else. Get your mind out of the gutter would you? I crack myself up. LOL


Neal & Wendy said...

Dude, invite me to work out with you. Geeeeeez.

threeboogers said...

I have to do it when I have a minute Wendy and quickly before I change my mind! LOL
I sooo would if I could. Come over anytime 8-9 am and I'll kick your boo-tay!

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